Kickstarter Veer-myn Team for Dreadball

Well I managed my first game of Dreadball this week and although we played a few of the rules wrong (now we have them right after checking on the Mantic boards) it was a great game and fun. Of course to play a game you need a team and so the first team I painted was the Veer-myn. I’m not sure what to call the team yet, and I went for a simple yet effective colour scheme. You can see the full team – with the Veer-myn star player below.Veer-myn TeamI painted these up in a week, so although ok they are not perfect. That said, they look nice on the table and I’ll not do anything more with them. Most of the team is made up of Strikers – players who can handle the ball and score. You can see the 8 models in the team below. Basically, in the set there were 2 figure poses at present for this. I believe more may be released in time.Veer-myn stikers Veer-myn stikers second poseThen we have the Guards. These are the ‘hard hitter’ in the team and their job is to take out the opposing players,. They do not handle the ball in the game. They are the hockey enforcers if you like.veermyn guardsThe biggest model in the group is the ‘star player’ which you can see below. Not sure how often he’ll hit the field but heck, it looks the part and can always be an extra guard figure.veermyn starAs a last point, somewhere in my unpacking of the game I misplaced the ball in the game. Kind of an important item, you’d think but I had other plans anyway. So instead I have been using a small round magnet.
Magnetic ball holderThis works well and has an added advantage that players models can actually hold the ball as they should in the game. So this looks really cool. This is done by adding a small magnet on the hand of each player who can handle the ball. The above token is magnetized as well  for if the ball is loose and not held by anyone, as otherwise the ball would roll around which would not be good. Thus the ball never gets knocked off a player, which is an issue in say bloodbowl games. You can see the ball in action in the close up pictures below. Overall, this worked really well in the fist game we played.Vermyn striker holding the ball Vermyn striker pose 2 holding the ballSo, that’s one Dreadball team done. More to come in the future.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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