Late War German Infantry for Bolt Action

Previously, I had a blog entry the Soviet 15mm forces for Bolt Action that I got from a friend . I always like to paint up opposing forces, so I can have historical matched games. This also this allow me to loan out figures to people so they can play as well. So, it was obvious that I needed some Germans for these Soviets to fight. So here we are:German Bolt Action forceThese are late war Germans. All these figures are from battlefront – their Flames of war figures and made up of 2 packs of figs (although I did not use all the command/panzerschreck figs). These troops have been issued camouflage smocks which the German army used in ’44 and ’45. However, from the limited research I did for this project, the German supply system was perfect. It seems that it was common for not all troops to have all the same kit. I guess like most fighting forces who have been fighting for a while, personal taste and supply issue become an issue. I used this as an excuse to paint some figures with different outfits but all part of the same group – basically some different trousers/pants and old style helmets without camouflage covers.. I also have them in camo outfits but based in a more urban colours. I did not go to town on the bases though, so as to give a real contrast to the figures, as you can see below.15mm Bolt Action Late German troopsI painted up two commander figures. These have the more traditional German army uniforms and officer caps. This makes them very obvious on the table top, which will work well when playing games. I have to admit for a 15mm fig I really am impressed on the first model and how it came out. I rarely get such good faces in 28mm. I painted a second command figure, as you can see, but that was not a good a cast figure. This will be used for a medic, or more likely in larger games as a forward observer for either air or artillery support. I tried to do a blue/green mix for the outfits. Although up close it looks primitive, as you can see from the first picture above, at longer range it seems to work well.German 15mm commandersNext we have the general squad members themselves. The first set below are armed with rifles. Note the colours on the base edges are to differentiate the commanders and NCO’s when playing the game.15mm late German infantryBelow are other pictures show troops armed with the assault rifles. The Germans invented the assault rifles during WW2 and by 1944 this was becoming a common weapon for German infantry. It’s use and effectiveness somewhat offset the limited number of troops that the losses which the German forces had suffered over the previous 5 years of constant war.15mm late German infantry15mm late German assault rifle infantry15mmGerman assault rifle infantryGerman squads at this time were heavy provided with Panzerfausts (single shot anti-tank ‘rockets’). So no force would be complete without having figures thus armed and below you can see my figures for this.15mm german Panzerfaust15mm german Panzerfaust 2nd setI also painted up a Panzerschreck team. This was the German version of the Bazooka and although less common than the Panzerfausts, it likely will be useful against allied or soviet vehicles.15mm panzerfaust teamLastly, I have a couple of LMG teams. These will be part of the German squads and provide longer range and heavier firework, especially in defensive work.15mm German LMG teamsThis is the first of the forces I have done for Bolt Action- I plan to paint up more WW2 forces for these rules, as the game is simple to play yet has a great depth of play. Also in 15mm forces are very cheap and easy to complete. I’ll see what else the late war Germans force needs after a few more games.


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3 Responses to Late War German Infantry for Bolt Action

  1. Peter says:


    How big are you bases? I have a ton of 15mm figuers but i don’t know how large a bse should be for Bolt Action. Do you use all measures like meovemnet/raneg etc as per the rulebook?

    • mellis1644 says:

      We use pennies (US/UK/Canadian size) for the bases of 15mm figs. They are one of the cheapest basing material you can find and are approx 20mm in diameter. A euro cent would work as well but that’s a little smaller. That also gives a reasonable level of separation for the figures. We play games with all the rules exactly as the book. So we measure from the base edges and use inches etc. That actually gives the game a much better table to figure scale. For example pistols can fire more than the length of a tank etc. I personally think it’s a better game played like that.

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