Green Loadingbay Packers – Forge Father team

Here is my second team for Dreadball. This one is loosely based on the obvious namesake NFL team. I wanted to give these guys a different colour scheme than Mantic had in the rule book. I wanted to not have a clean perfect look to them, but to have them with a little more scruffy feel. I think this came out very well in the end. The whole team is from the Kickstarter, including the Forge Father star player.Forge Fathers Dreadball teamSo for the detailed pictures. First we have the Strikers. These are the ball carriers and as normal for my Dreadball teams, I added magnets for them to hold the ball. This time the magnets are on the outside of their hands as that seems to be where the mechanism is modeled. You can see that on the second photo with one of them holding a ball.Forge Fathers Striker modelsForge Father sriker with ballNext, we have the Jacks, the all round players in Dreadball. Again these figures have magnets for holding the ball. These are better armoured models though and should give a good account for themselves. As an interestingly point of note, all the models in this team seemed to have fingerless gloves on, so I painted them as such on the models as you can see. Kind of odd to me but heck it works.Dreadball forge fathers Jack modelsBelow you can see a Jack holding the ball -again using the magnets I added to the models.Forge Father Jack with ballThe Guards figures are very heavily armoured and are the strong men of the team. I like these figures and I especially tried to give these a used and battered look, without them looking worn out and in too much disrepair.Dreadball Forge Fathers Guard modelsThe Forge father (dwarf really) star play is a striker, so I finished him in the team colours. He can only play for this race so that made sense to me.Forge Father star player Forge Father star player - with the ballOverall these were fairly easy to paint but the cleaning up of the models was hard. There was a lot of plastic flash on the models I had and the plastic is fairly hard to trim. I did a reasonable job but it took a decent amount of work to do. There was also some green stuff need to fill in the joints in the plastic model filling (especially around the legs of a couple of models) where there was not a line up even after trimming and dry fitting.

As a last point, I’m not sure in the end on the colours I chose for these in the end. The scruffy look does work with the colours and is the effect I aimed for, but other scheme may have made the figures pop more at the end of the day.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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