ACW 10mm Confederate infantry test base

A group of us are looking forward to Sam Mustafa’s Longstreet rules for the American Civil War and are starting to paint up some forces for it. I also want to be able use the figures for other rules sets such as the grand daddy, and measuring stick for rules of this period – Fire and Fury. We decided to use 10mm figs on inch square bases. I so have have bought Pendraken ones from the UK. So far I have been impressed with the figures.

However, before starting a major army I like to do a figure/base all the way through to completion to ensure I have the colours right and the technique (especially basing) to the point that I like the end result. As it seems that we have a larger number of players interested in the Union forces I volunteered to do a Confederate force, although I will do a Union force in the end. I have spent a lot of time in Atlanta over the years so what the heck.

So below are a few pictures of my test base. It has has less figures than I will normally use on a base but this is a reasonable sample.Sample Confederate base 4 Sample Confederate base 3 Sample Confederate base 2 Sample Confederate base 1


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to ACW 10mm Confederate infantry test base

  1. Purty. I like the mouths especially 😉

  2. Very nice.
    I did not know Sam Mustapha was doing a new set of ACW rules…I like his Maurice rules.

    However I have just started my own ACW 10mm project. have a look at my blog

    And you’ll see the start of mine. I’ve just finished the 5th unit, so that’s 120 figures.


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