More Vikings and two extra commanders

Well I think that this is the last of the Vikings I’ll be painting for a little while. I have enough of these now, and so I’m going to move onto painting another fraction for SAGA. But for now here is another set of Vikings completed and ready for the fray. Below are the new set.Vikings and 2 new commandersAgain I followed the blue and grey theme for the Vikings and the same basing as ever. So you can see the small sets in more detail.Viking troops 5 Viking troops 6I have also done one standard so I can use the new standard rules from the latest SAGA rules supplement. This is the only model of these 12 figures which is metal. All the rest are plastic from the Wargames factory set. Yes and finally a model with one of those awful unhistorical viking helmets.Viking troops 7I have a Viking leader already but I wanted to have a couple extra as I often loan my figures out to others to play. So below are two extra Viking commanders. Each with their own style and command. The axe figure is an Old Glory metal, while the other is a Wargames factory plastic model. I hate to say it but I still like the metal figures better.Two Viking leadersBelow is a set of pictures showing the figures from the different angles:Two Viking leadersSo I have to decide what the next SAGA project will be… Hmmm…


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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