Basic Longstreet force completed

Well, after some more painting I have now finished enough ACW figures to meet the basic minimum for the Longstreet force rules as defined by Sam in his per-release info. Unfortunately, my work has been me keeping me away from painting projects but I manage to get a little time here and there to do this. You can see the picture of the completed force below.10mm longstreet forceTo complete the force, I have added 3 artillery guns a cavalry unit, another unit of ten foot stands and a commander (or two). As you can see below I am using the same basing and colour palette for the troops – as I usually do in an army.10mm longstreet force - top viewFirst to get the close up shots is the artillery. These are standard ’12 lb Napoleons’ which were typical for the confederate forces. I have yet to do the limbers for these but heck. The carriages are olive which after some (limited) research I believe is the right colour and the troops have red cuffs and trims – which was the standard for confederate forces.12 lb Napoleon confederate art 12 lb Napoleon confederate art -backI finished another infantry unit – to bring my total to 4 units, each of 10 bases. These are very similar to the ones done in the previous post. I suspect I’ll be doing a lot more of these in time as well.4th Confederate infantry unit 4th 10mm Confederate infantry unit - sideThe other big unit I added was a cavalry unit. This has 8 mounted, 6 dismounted and 3 horse holder figures. According to the info from Sam, a starting Longstreet forces can start with a cavalry unit. That makes sense for the very start of the war, but to my understanding during most of the war these were in separate divisions. But hey it was an interesting units to paint.10mm Confederate cavalryThe flag is likely a little too big in reality but it looks ok so I’ll keep it. 10mm Confederate cavalry -side 10mm Confederate cavalry - backThe dismounted bases have just three figures and have much more terrain on them than the infantry. They certainly are different enough to not confuse them with standard infantry – which is the point. Dismounted Confederate cavalry - side Dismounted Confederate cavalry - backAll dismounted units to my mind need horse holders, and so we have a few bases of those as well. I’m not sure if I need them for the Longstreet rules, but they are needed for rules such as Fire and Fury.confederate horse holders Lastly, of course all commands need a commander, so I did a couple. After all they have got to look at the part and be the commander.Confederate Divisional commandersThis is not the end of my Confederate force – I plan on a quite few more units and some more artillery, but heck this looks to be a good start, and a basic Longstreet force. I’ll likely make it to a full force able to be used for Fire and Fury games – which will mean a lot more troops.


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