US Army platoon for the Vietnam War

You can see below I have focused again on my ‘pet’ Vietnam project in 15mm. Here we have basically most (if not all) of a US army platoon. These figures are a mixture from Peter Pig and Quality castings. I really like them Peter Pig figures, the Quality casting ones are ok at best, but are good for the price. I’ll be adding more to replace some of them from Peter Pig later, but they have been useful for me to get the project off the ground and bulk out the basic troops.15mm US Vietnam War 'platoon'I’m still struggling a little with the colours and overall look of these figures. The helmet covers and webbing are the main issues in that area. The webbing on these guys is lighter than their uniforms, while in the real world it was darker, but the lighter colours stand out more, especially in 15mm. I tried the darker version in a previous post and I think the lighter ones looks better, even if not quite as realistic. Below are a couple of close up shots. Of some local interpreters/downed pilots and command figures.US Vietnam war close upsSo onto the detailed pictures. First we have the M60 handlers. These are the real power house of the infantry units for suppression fire so I wanted to have enough of these.M60's in close upHere is a shot of all of them. As with all the US figures I have done a mixture of skin colours in the unit, which you can see in this post. 15mm M60 troopsNext we have the M79 grenade launcher guys.15mm M79 figuresThe guys with shotguns. Although in theory only used in limited fashion they add some interesting character to the unit. You can even see one figure in the movie inspired ‘sleeveless’ look. 15mm US troops with Shotguns Oh and the LAW rockets – for bunker busting more than anything else.15mm LAW troopsThen we have the ‘command figures’ – with radio carriers, command and NCO’s. I also painted up some figs which could be local interpreters or downed aircrew etc. The detailed shot is above for these guys.15mm US Vietnam War troopsFinally, the general M16 carry ‘grunts’. I tried something different with these guys and did the M16’s back with heavy grey highlights. It works ok(ish) on the table but close up it looks a little odd. I likely will go back to more subtle highlights on M16’s when I do any more troops, but they are not so bad as to redo them for this project.
15mm M16 troops v2 15mm M16 troops


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to US Army platoon for the Vietnam War

  1. GimletGrunt says:

    I really like your M60 gunners, the belts of ammo look great!

  2. Carl says:

    Great overview of the figures. I have just started with my own Vietnam stuff and it is all Peter Pig.

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