Start of the Picts/Irish/British Raiders

Just in time for May Day, I have a mega sized post. I have been working on these for a while and so here I can finally reveal the first of my Picts/Irish/British Raiders force in 6mm. These are the opponents for a late Roman horse and foot army, and added to in my last post. Below you can see the normal shieldwall style troops in Dux Bellorummedium foot or Ax in other systems. You can see I have one base ‘the wrong way around’ – which was a mistake when I took the photo but does allow you can see the back as well as the front of the units. These were harder to paint with trying to get them to look like a irregular rabble rather than a formed unit like the Romans/SYW armies I have done in this scale in the past. 6mm Ancient British Overall, I think they have come out well though and do give that scenic look to an ancient British force – much more so than the typical 15mm basing. That being said, I suspect the painting time in 15mm would have been a longer but not by much more than doing the same number of bases as here. The figure count is very different though.
6mm Ancient British Now those above are the standard units, but to have a little more power I also have done a three bases with more figures. These will be the commander and companions who are the more skilled/powerful units. These also have more of a themed colour scheme – the assumption being that they are the retinue of the warlord or an important person. So all the shields in these units have the same 2 colours on a base, but they have different patterns.6mm Extra populated shieldwall basesThe commanders base is amongst these three and has a rider holding the severed head of an enemy – a nice little model from Baccus. You can see a close up shot below, as well as the 3 informal rows of troops vs. the 2 in the normal bases.6mm Commander 2So to go alone with these ‘medium foot’ units I have finished some slingers. First the larger bases – which can be used for DBA and normal sized units in other systems.6mm British SlingersThen the skirmish based troops for Impetus and Hail Caesar.6mm British Skirmishing  SlingersThe above shots show in detail the bases, which in 6mm come out ok in photo’s but usually not great. 6mm is a mass effect scale really and to me you can see that when looking at the bases from above. This also show the figure locations on the bases. You’ll see the irregular basing which really works for these figures, which was done by cutting the Baccus strips down to separate figures and then basing them. This gives a much better effect to me for these types of troops.6mm bases from aboveAs a lastly item, I also have complete 2 packs of Baccus walls – shown below. These will allow more in scale walls to be used when play games with the 6mm SYW figures as well as the ancients. They also are not too far off scale for even their use in 10mm ACW games, even though there were not that many stone walls in those battles.6mm wallsSo now I just need some mounted and command figures to be able to start to use these forces.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Start of the Picts/Irish/British Raiders

  1. Monster work, well done!

  2. Doug says:

    very nice indeed. I have loads of 6mm waiting to be based – I am going to use 60 x 30 bases for everything, and they should look great.

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