Dark Age cavalry and skirmishers

In a bit of  a painting blitz I have focused on getting enough cavalry painted up so I can use my 6mm armies. I was so close it seemed a shame not to get these able to be used on the gaming table. So below is the second installment of the Dark Age (early medieval in modern terms) ‘British’ troops. i.e. they will stand in for Ancient British/Welsh, Scots, Picts and Irish as to be honest as this scale I doubt you could really tell them apart.6mm mounted armyThese are all from Baccus miniatures and will be used for Dux Bellorum, DBA, Impetus and Hail Caesar rules. A nice selection of rules. This is not the end of my 6mm force but with the figures in the previous post will give me enough figures to play all the games.

So to the more detailed shots. By the way, using the camera to take photos of mini’s this small is still a challenge for me and my camera. At some point I’ll invest in better lighting and a cast off digital camera, but for now they work. I have painted up 2 command stands – one with 3 figures and one with 2. Some of the rules sets don’t use these but others do and they are nice to have.mm Dark Age commanders - alternate shot 6mm Dark Age commandersI also have done 6 skirmishing javelin-men with small shields. I have more of these figures to do, but these are a good start on a light infantry force for this army.  More than enough for most sets. I don’t have any for DBA, but can use the skirmishers from the last post for that rules set.Javein skirmishers from above 6mm Javelin skirmishersNext, we have the light horse/skirmishers, again armed with Javelins/light spears – as that’s what the British mounted skirmishers used. As another highlight, most of these are ‘shirtless’. I’m not sure if that’s historical but it was an interesting touch so though I’d try it.6mm light cavalry 6mm Light HorseThen the medium cavalry – based in a spread out formation. These are the typical mounted troops I would assume. Useful but a little disorganized.6mm medium British horse 6mm medium CavalryLastly, the ‘heavier’ cavalry. These likely will still be medium cavalry in many of the rules but the different basing allows me to use these for more elite units in things like Dux Bellorum. It differentiates these from the previous bases when playing, making an easy visual as to which are the ‘better’ mounted troops.  I do not believe they would have been as well organized as Romans and formally trained units, so rather than basing them in a line, I made a compact, but a little disorganized formation with the figures. I think it worked out well in the end.6mm 'heavier dark age horse'The front center base has more figures than the others (by quite a number) and so will be used as the commanders base, with his elite associates/friends/allies. You can tell the difference but it’s not as obvious as I had hoped, but I should be enough when gaming I hope.6mm Dark Age CavalryTo highlight the differences in basing, here is an overhead shot. You can see the extra figures on the commanders base better in this shot.6mm Cav overheadWell, I’m painting more for this force – warriors in Dux Bellorum, or warbands in DBA, but may swap to something else now for a break before continuing with these. 6mm painting dark ages figures is not as easy as the more uniformed troops.

But, the advantage now is I have enough to play games with them now. Yippee…

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5 Responses to Dark Age cavalry and skirmishers

  1. They look great; I like the varying mass of the cavalry.

    • backpackbrewer says:

      hiw did you decide upon the number of figures to use per base? If you are using them for a variety of rulesets then they all have a slightly different “recommended” number. Just curious really as I am in the middle of painting very similar figures and time period to yours and havent quite got to the basing bit 🙂

      • mellis1644 says:

        I tested various combinations on the bases – but in the end I went for what I thought looked right. I wanted to tell the different units while playing, so they had to be clear so that I could see a ‘skirmish cav’ vs ‘normal’ vs. ‘heavy cav’. I agree a lot of games have different recommendations but the number of figures on the base is much less important than the players being able to tell the different types of unit at a glance. My advice is to somewhat ignore the rules sets for that and go with what looks good and you can tell what is what.

  2. Stephen Holmes says:

    Fantastic, I particularly like what you did with the mass cavalry formations.

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