CY6! Guadalcanal game report

Just for a change, I thought I’d post a quick summary and some pictures from this weeks game of CY6! It was a 4 player game, so smaller than many I have run with our group but still a decent sized game. You’ll have to forgive the quality of some of the pictures as they were taken with my phone. This was using the 1/600 aircraft that I have shown been painted in previously blog entries. I gave people a choice of what aircraft they wanted to fly (within historical limits).

The basic game was set as a small Japanese bomber raid on Henderson field or a naval target around there, in Guadalcanal campaign. The Japanese mission was the get the bombers off the other side of the table – to continue their mission. 6 Betty bombers were the strike force, defended by a couple of Zero’s and a couple of Oscar’s. Yes Oscars were by choice – but I suspect Zero’s will be the plane of choice after this game. The Oscar just does not have much hitting power, especially against US planes.To balance things out the Japanese had better quality pilots (all +1 skilled while only half the US ones were) and had a 5/6 on a D6 to see if they were +2, while there was a 1 in 6 chance for the US to have the green pilots be skilled . The only change was one of my Zero pilots was a +2 ace. The US players had a couple of navy Wildcats and a couple of Aircobra’s – obviously all that was available for a CAP to stop this raid.US startingSo at the start of the positions were as shown below. The Japanese set up first, then the US players in their 3rd of the table.Starting possitionsIn the first couple of turns, the US fighters attacked down the right hand side of the bomber group, in two waves. The Aircobra’s going in first and the Wildcats making a longer turn to come in behind them. In response the Zero’s climbed and the Oscars made hast from the other side of the bomber group to try to intercept the incoming US attack.
IMG_0450Soon the Aircobra’s were making a run at the bombers, while the Zero’s and Oscar’s swung in behind them. The issue was that left Wildcats right on the tail of one of the Japanese planes. Hmmm… a problem in tactical planning I feel.First engagementsA good bit of good shooting from the Wildcats meant one Zero was down, and that Zero even missed the targeted Aircobra in his sights completely! I was running the Zero’s and rolled (mostly) average or poorly all night. The other Aircobra then took out the closest bomber , so the US attacked looked like it was working well so far.First lossesBut the Oscar’s did hit a Aircobra. It had engine damage and due to the special damage inflicted the green pilot lost control and started in an uncontrolled spin – basically taking him out of the action for most of the game as it took 3 turns for him to recover the spin. He did have the altitude to make it – just.Air cobra out of itThe Damage from the US planes continued on the bombers though. The Aircobra still in the fight damaged another Betty, while my skilled Zero tuned inside him, getting ready for a shot in the following turn – but not being able able to do one at this point. The Wildcats flew past the Oscars, who had turned towards them but were too low and slow to intercept the US planes. So the bombers were in trouble at this point. Of course the defensive fire from the bombers was pretty useless, now as through all the game. It either missed or when it did hit, was not damaging enough to worry/impact the US planes. Seperate fightsThe chase was on for the remaining Aircobra though. My Ace piloted Zero was tailing the it. Although the Zero could not get a shot off, due to speed and altitude differences, for the next 3 or so turns it doggedly tailed and followed the Aircobra move for move.

The Wildcats though were hitting the Betty’s hard during this time- taking down a second one by this point, but at the cost of all the ammo of one of the planes. That reduced the US hitting power by 50% – of course the Japanese fighters had nothing to do with this. the chaseMeanwhile, the Oscars, turning behind the Wildcats left the damaged Aircobra but were a long way away from the Wildcats now. The Aircobra had finally recovered from the spin and was bugging out of the combat. The Oscars were trying to catch up with the Wildcats – but it looked like a race they would not win before the bombers suffered more damage. Which was the case as a Wildcat hit the already damaged bomber and sent it crashing to the sea. turning delaysOn the positive side for the Japanese, once the Zero got a bead on the Aircobra after the few turns of tailing movement it was all over. Even though I rolled average it was enough scratch one Aircobra! The Wildcat coming to his rescue was just too late and the Japanese +2 pilot had another kill.Wildcat vs. Zero engamenetThis did set up a last dramatic moment of the game though. As next turn the Wildcat and Zero did engage each other. The Wildcat needed a really high roll to hit the Zero (an 11+ if I remember correctly) and managed it, doing an effective shot with all the HMG’s, but also using up all his ammo. This forced me to do an 11+ die roll on 2 dice to save from the Zero, which low and behold I made – my highest roll of the game! The ace Zero pilot flew through the stream of HMG bullets and survived. Of course his return shot hit but was paltry and so did only superficial damage to the wildcat. But heck he survived.

So with the US planes out of ammo (both Wildcats) or damaged and limping away (the remaining Aircobra), we played one more turn to see if the Zero or Oscars could get close and take a shot at the Wildcats, but they could not.Wildcats on the prowlSo then we called the game at that point.

With 3 Betty bombers down and 1 Zero, to a 1 Aircobra destroyed and another damaged this was a comprehensive US victory. However, overall this was another great game of Check Your Six (CY6!) for our gaming group. Everyone really enjoyed the game a lot, which is the main point after all.

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  1. Sounds like I missed a fun game!

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