More Confederate forces

In my preparation for the release of Sam Mustafa’s Longstreet game,  I wanted to ensure I had enough confederate troops painted for a reasonable game. In a previous post I showed the most basic force which I am told is playable. So I thought I’d get a second ‘batch’ of them done to add a little more depth to the force.10mm Confederate rushI am painting these forces up in short burst of activity, so I don’t loose focus and be tired on painting them. I focused on getting 3 units and some support troops done seem to be about as much as I want to do in one go before trying my hand at something else. That also is a good couple of weeks painting if I am focused – and more if other things happen. This works well for posting progress here as well. So for the extra, this time I painted up a hero marker. I suspect I’ll need a few more of these but one is a start. This is a single figure on a penny base (well 2 pennies really). These are used in the Longstreet game to show a hero in the ranks and you can see the figure in detail below.Confederate hero The paint job on these follow the same line as the first units I painted, but maybe with a little more butternut colouring and a little less grey – although I have yet to go with a completely butternut and brown and they still at a distance look grey. These three foot units are a combination of the running and shooting poses from Pendraken. I purposely have done the whole army ‘shaded darkly’ as I have to believe neither army was clean and shiny in the rebel units in a line I have to say I do like how the flags have come out – these are free flags I found on the web printed out and then touched up afterwards with paint. It shows how easy that can be.10mm extra confederate unitsI also tried to keep the rebel bases, loose but effective (and moving forward) to look rather like a charging force rather than truly formed/drilled  unit. That says nothing for their efficiency but should differentiate them from the union forces on the table – if that was needed. If anything these may have a few too few figures on some of the bases but the overall rebel charge the effect seems to work. You can see that even from above.10mm confederate extra unitsI also added an extra 4 artillery guns to my confederate collection. I know the confederates did not have great access to artillery in the war, but they did have a reasonable amount of brass 12lb ‘Napoleons’. I went for a slightly different olive shade this time for these guns.Extra artilary for the confederate causeThe troops manning the guns don’t have the red trim of the previous ones. I’m not sure how common that was but I thought I’d differentiate these by not having the trim colour. I plan on painting at least 1 more unit of confederate guns in the future and likely will try to highlight the red more on those.Art from my view as a playerWith these figures now done, I will concentrate on my Union force a little. This is to ensure that I have someone for them to fight against of course when the rules come out!


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Your productivity always blows me away.

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