Dystopian Wars – first British ships

The guys in the club finally won me over to get into this game. For a long time I had been avoiding it as none of the fleets really caught my eye and were that interesting to me. Then of course Spartan Games released the Italian fleet. This force looks so cool I had to jump in. Now we are only using ships and air in the local club, but that works for me as the land forces still leave me col for Dystopian Wars. But, I never just do one force for a game – that is the recipe for having mini’s sit in the cabinet and never get used – and if your reading this you likely know my painting is nice but not competition, sit on display worthy. It’s very good gamer standard stuff.

So, while the Italians were on order I started to collect some British (of course)- the Kingdom of Britannia in the rules. After one test game with unpainted figs (which I hate doing), I knew I had to get the paint put on these the Brits. The game is somewhat random and light hearted as we play it so far, but does have quite a deep tactical depth from what I have seen so far. The figs are nice though and large, and that’s a large draw to these models.DW British starter setAll of these are from the British starter set, and although there are a few more models in that set these are all the ships in the set. I decided to follow the studio paint to an extent as I like the ‘Dazzle style’ camo that they had used for the British ships. For the close ups, first we have a Battleship.DW battlleship 1DQ brit battle ship from aboveI glued the turrets down on these models and added the shield generator on – in a nice striking colour. You can see that on the the squadron of cruisers as well which also have the shield units instead of one turret. These may be the wrong choice for the game but they looked cool so what the heck.DW Cruisers DW Cruisers from aboveAnd finally, a set of 9 Frigates. The small ships of the fleet.DW British Frigates from above DW British FrigatesMore ships are on the painting table now, but these are a good start to the project. They also are very different than the other things I have painted so it was a bit of a challenge.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Love the dazzle camo!

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