Late war German Heer reinforcements

After my first Bolt Action game (in 15mm) with my late war Germans I knew that I wanted to expand the force to support 1000 pts for Bolt Action. This would also provide a lot more options for other games as well. So, after purchasing a different platoon pack from Battlefront (flames of war range) at the local gaming store, and with some painting hey presto, more recruits. I have to love Bolt Action in 15mm for that.More 15mm Late War GermansThey have sat around for a while but I wanted to get on with these and get them completed. I focused on them the last couple of weeks to get them done. These had to fit in with the previous painted figures, so the basing is the same. This works well IMO as a although very basic it highlights the figures and is a rough urban environment. They do stand out nicely on the gaming table as well – which is an added bonus.15mm Panzerschreck I have some closer shots of various figures. Again my camera skills are not great but I hope you can see the details. All of them have the late war Camouflage smocks and helmet covers on and some have the matching trousers. I have tried (as best as I can in 15mm) to give the effect of these without trying to get too specific or using too many colours. I understand there were many types/patterns anyway so I believe what I have done is a reasonable representation.  So, first the command figures.15mm Heer Command figuresNext the LMG armed figures. These are very useful in Bolt Action and later in the war much more common in German army units.15mm late war Heer LMG'sLastly, the troopers. Unlike my previous platoon all these are rifle armed, so no assault rifles for these guys. They are a nice mix of poses though so were interesting and characterful to paint. You can also see I purposely went for several different shades of pants for these guys as supplies would be starting to get tight for the German army at this time in the war.15mm late war German 3 15mm late war German 15mm late war German 2So now I have 1000 pts of late war Germans to play with – or loan out to others, which also happens.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Feels good to get units completed – congrats and the camo looks good.

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