German vehicles in late war camo for Bolt Action

It’s summer and so my painting hours are dropping and projects are going a little slower now than before, due to spending time outside. However, I’m trying to keep my projects moving forward. So, with the re-enforcements for the German troops posted previously, I wanted to give them a few more options- especially in the vehicle area. So I have done 4 vehicles for that force. These are all ‘odd’ vehicles I had around or bought and so were perfect for 15mm Bolt Action as I don’t have enough for something like a Flames of War unit.

These are my first attempt at late war German vehicle camouflage – which has scared me quite a bit over the years. The complexities of the patterns and the various different styles and colours to make make this a hard subject. Although you’d think it would make things easier it had the opposite effect on me. I have tended to avoid Germans in WW2 for quite a while. But I thought finally the best thing to do was to just try it- bite the bullet so to speak. You can see the results below.Late War German VehiclesI’m sure the experts out there will say I have these wrong in some way, but I believe the end result is fairly close to at least one style of camouflage that was used. It certainly seems to look the part at least, and that to me is more than half the aim for my painting. I did do some research on line and in my books and although I may have gone a little too extreme with the different tones I think it works overall. The heavy black wash – dirt and grime which would be on many later war vehicles and although ‘cheating’ to an extent it helps the overall effect.Late War German Vehicles 2I have not put any markings or decals on the models either. Maybe that’s a mistake but to be honest I did not really think that they needed them. I may do that on future German vehicles but we’ll see.

So for some detail shots and first up is a Panzer 3 L or M. These were mainly used on the Eastern Front but at least in my Bolt Action games one or two may find their way to Normandy to fight the US/British troops in the club. It should add a nice punch to the options I have for the Germans and not cost too much. The model is from Battlefront is it is quite nice.panzer3MThe next is an armored car – a Sd Kfz 250/9 (which was armed with a 2cm gun). A great support vehicle for the troops and again the kit is from Battlefront. This is actually quite a small model really. You can see in the models below I’m still working on how to get rubber tires to look realistic. Tires are black but not ‘jet black’. I did not want them to ‘disappear in the camo’ and yet not stand out either. These came out alright but I’m not really happy with them.250-9As an alternate option armored car, in late war colour’s I have a Sd Kfz 222. These were used throughout the war but this one is in the same camo style of the other vehicles. The model is from Zvezda ‘Art of Tactics’ range. Those are cheap and it painted up fairly well it was a tough model to put together. It sort of fit together but I was not wonderfully happy with it. But it is not a bad kit in the end, but I likely would not recommend others for this model. It works but is very fiddly to build, and there are still a few gaps in joints from the kit.222Lastly, another Zvezda ‘Art of Tactics’ Sd.Kfz. 251/1. This was a nicer kit to put together. It definitely fit together better than the previous one but again it is a little awkward to put together. I’m sure scale modelers would not have much of an issue but I had a challenge or two. That said, once done though it has painted up well. The command figure in it from battlefront and one I had hanging around from previous projects. So the troop carrier got a man to man the machine gun and it was a nice use of a spare figure.251-1So, overall I’m happy with my first foray into the German vehicles of the period. Although not great end results I’m happy with how these turned out. They are very playable models and I think I learnt a little as well. The late war German Camouflage is a little less of a concern after doing these. I will say from reading comment and other blogs, these are the type of projects where having an airbrush would help I believe- but I don’t have one so I continue to use brushes on projects such as this.


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One Response to German vehicles in late war camo for Bolt Action

  1. Yorkie says:

    Very nice vehicles, and there was that much variation of different types and patterns of camouflage, that these vehicles would not be out of place. I think they look great. Thanks for planting the seed of 15mm bolt action in my head too, as i’ve just got my own stuff! Progress (or lack of it) can be seen here.


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