More Dystopian Wars British

This is my second set of Dystopian Wars (by Spartan Games) ships for the British fleet. This should provide more than enough ships for a normal size fleet. I still have to do the aircraft etc to do but that will be for a separate post, and they are on the painting table. Again, these keep the same dazzle paint scheme for my British fleet. You can also see my new blue felt table cloth for terrain.Second Phase of British Dystopian WarsSo first, we have another battle ship. I don’t know the game well but the British Battleship model is nice and so I wanted to have at least a couple of these in the fleet. This has similar colours to the previous one I did, but it is not an exact copy.British Battleship 2Next we have the escorts. These can cover the battleships and provide extra air and sea cover for the big battleships. These are interesting little ships without a main armament. They have a different look than the exiting ships – with their extra big AA guns on the deck.British EscortsNext, are the ships which got me into the British Fleet in the first place – Vanguard submarines. I got one of these 1/2 painted from one of the expert painters in the club (as gas money for a road trip to a local convention). I used that model as a basis for the paint scheme and colours for the whole fleet. I also just like the look of the models – although I did complete the paint job and finish all the ships. Getting these varnished so they are truly ‘matt’ though has been a pain.British Subs 1To note, each ship has 2 models – one on the service and one ‘submerged’. So two of the ships have red light details and 2 blue.British Subs 2Lastly, are a set of swift class, very small ships. These are small fast attack ships which will be interesting to use. They looked so different than the other British ship’s so I wanted to include these in my force – so have done so. They painted up nicely in my opinion.British swift Now all I need are some aircraft bases for a reasonable and usable fleet. Although, I do have more ships which I will be painting for the fleet, so watch this space for more updates. Soon I’ll play the game again.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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