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The latest Osprey rule book – Ronin has taken the the THMG group quite by storm with many of the group being interested in the period. I have to admit that although not one of my ‘key interest’ periods for … Continue reading

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Federal force recruited just in time

Well on Monday the pre-release of the Longstreet rules was made and I put my order in. I have planned to have both sides forces ready and painted to play the game. So just in time I can show my … Continue reading

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First ever warmahordes game

Well this week I finally managed to play my first game of warmachine/hordes commonly known as warmahordes. It was fun and has wetted my interest for more games and painting more models, but that’s not hard really… After watching a … Continue reading

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Federal forces finally off the painting table

Well it’s taken a while, with vacation etc. but I finally managed to get three regiments of the Federal (Union) forces completed for my Longstreet project. You can see them below. I’m aiming to have both sides finished for the … Continue reading

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