Federal forces finally off the painting table

Well it’s taken a while, with vacation etc. but I finally managed to get three regiments of the Federal (Union) forces completed for my Longstreet project. You can see them below. I’m aiming to have both sides finished for the release of Longstreet so I needed to get on with these. 10m ACW federal troopsThese are generic regiments – I did not focus them on any specific units for them, and so will be part of my basic force. I used a cream colour for the blankets for these forces, as a contrast. I’ll be using different shades of red for some of the other regiments in the future.First fedral units In order to make these more of a ‘firing line’ all the bases have either 4 (most common) or occasionally 5 figures on them. This is to contrast them with the advancing Rebel bases that I have done previously. The aim is that these are much more ordered lines of troops. This also works as the normal 2 deep of bases formation gives 2 lines of troops as they normally were deployed in this style. Of course both sides used exactly the same formations and were often equally drilled really, but this is just a style thing for the units on the table.3 federal regiments side viewI printed the flags from a site I found with some standard ACW flags, reduced to the right size for 10mm figures. I will have to do more work on the flags in the future, but for these three units they are reasonable.10mm Fedral top viewSo, with 4 figures per base it may be a little sparse on the ground for troops on a single base, but I think it works well as a group. I did try to add more ‘standing’ grass before the figures on a base.  After all, grass would be trampled after a unit walks through through in a line formation.  I’m still not sure if that really worked as well though, so I’ll likely not bother with that again.First fedral units - reverse viewI also have finished 3 ‘hero’ bases – single figure markers for the troops. Sorry the photo is not that clear on these guys – I blame the photographer.Federal hero'sI have more Federal troops on the painting table so with luck I should have a decent force painted before I get the official Longstreet rules.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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