First ever warmahordes game

Well this week I finally managed to play my first game of warmachine/hordes commonly known as warmahordes. It was fun and has wetted my interest for more games and painting more models, but that’s not hard really…

After watching a 2 player learner game between Chris and Ernie (two members of the club) while skim reading the Mk2 rules I decided to join in their second game of the evening making it a 3 way battle.

So we had we had Ernie’s trolls.20130815-182513.jpgChris’s protectorate forces.
20130815-182648.jpgAnd my Cryx force -as seen in in my first ever blog post here. Check it out if you want to see my figures.

So on the first turn I ran all my forces to try to flank Chris’s by moving over a hill.
20130815-183502.jpgAt the same time the trolls moved towards both forces. Chris’s protectorate forces advanced towards mine and did some damage to my heavy war jack in their next turn.

I then tried my first ever ranged attack using the corrosive attack from one of the smaller jacks on a protectorate jack. I then charging with the big guy and hitting the same target hard trying to destroy it.20130815-183741.jpgThis worked as planned but my first lesson was that I really needed to have lots of overpowering attacks to take out a jack in one turn. Thats because although I hurt the target badly and immobilized it I did not kill it.

Ernie’s trolls kept coming and also targeted the protectorate war jacks but did little real damage as they were still just doing ranged attacks and at long range. So at this point the battle was I thought under control.20130815-184725.jpg That was of course an illusion as Chris in his turn used his warcasters special once a game power and knocked down all my models! With that he then proceeded to kill my heavy war jack with a combination of attacks.

He charged in with all his other units including his warcaster to cause as much damage as possible with his knock down effect.20130815-185716.jpg
So having learnt that lesson… I used my warcasters power to reduce the stats of all my opponents in range and then proceeded to kill another of Chris’s jacks and really hurt his warcaster. Here there was another lesson for me. Another point or two of focus on the jack fighting his caster and I could have won by killing Chris’s leader guy. So concentration on the key items for victory vs just killing things is necessary in this game.

However, this was fun and left Chris just with a damaged warcaster still in combat,an immobilized and heavy damaged light and his slightly damaged heavy.20130815-191315.jpgErine’s trolls the continued the attack moving around the back of Chris’s troops and causing more damage on them. A fun point did occur for him though when one troll lost control and berserk charged into another of his trolls. This successfully hit and badly hurt the other troll…that highlighted the rage issues of the Hordes armies perfectly!

At this point we had to finish as the store was closing but it was Chris’s turn and he was being presses from both sides. It was pretty clear Chris was in trouble but which of us two would do the killing blow was questionable. Ernie was definitely in the better state of play with his forces though, as their only damage had been self inflicted at this point!20130815-200433.jpgOverall, I enjoyed the game and I expect I’ll play more in the future. After having the figures for 10 years and painting them 4 years ago it was good to get them on the table…at last. So I thought it worth a blog entry.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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