Federal force recruited just in time

Well on Monday the pre-release of the Longstreet rules was made and I put my order in. I have planned to have both sides forces ready and painted to play the game. So just in time I can show my completed ‘starter’ group of Federal troops below. All the figures are from Pendraken in the UK. This means I hit my target, and have more figures still on the painting table, to expand both forces.Fedreal Longstreet 10mm starter forceThe ‘starter set’ view is from the Honor forums and may not be a perfect combination of troops but is the recommended minimum for the campaign game to my understanding. This does work well for an small 1861 brigade sized force and is a good set of units to start with.

So what have I added to the units I showed in my previous post. I have done 2 more infantry units, again generic ones but this time with red blankets.10mm ACW federal troops 10mm ACW federal troops - back I also have finished 4 artillery pieces. I’m not sure if I have the gun carriage colours right for these – but they look good and I think they are. These are rifled guns though – so not like the 12 lb napoleon’s in my confederate force.Federal artillery Union artilleryI also have 2 mounted commander figures. These are exactly the same figure, but provide a command stand if required.Union commandersAs with the confederates did previously, I have modeled the dismounted cavalry behind logs etc. That was typical position for all defending forced in the civil war, as they did try to use cover, especially later in the war, but it really serves to differentiate the cavalry bases nicely on the table top.discoumted union cavalry - back discoumted union cavalry - frontAnd of course any discounted troops will need their horses held –  so a couple of bases of those are required.horse holdersLastly, there are the mounted cavalry. I’m not expecting a lot from mounted union cavalry in the rules, or even cavalry at all but these were part of union brigades in many cases until the spring of 1863 to my understanding. Mounted Union cavalry - back Mounted Union cavalry - frontI have more infantry units on the painting table as mentioned above, and these may be finished before the game hits my desk, but these should be enough to play at least.The most important item though is I have enough painted and finished figures to play the game with – the main focus of this after all.

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