More Federal troops ready

Well, back to basics with this post and I guess the title gives away the subject. With the Longstreet rules in my hands I’m focusing on trying to complete my ACW (American Civil War) forces. So you can see below I have another 4 infantry units, a couple of guns and limbers plus some commanders.Federal recuits

Unfortunately, it will be a few more weeks before I can play my first game of Longstreet but I should have a very reasonable selection of figures by then. I’ll do a review of them after I have played the rules but so far they look very good and interesting to me. All that I had hoped them to be. This is another shot of the just finished bases from a different angle.10mm ACW troops

This group has my first marching units. I based these 6 to a base not the 4 I have been using with the other Union/Federal troops. This looks more convincing to me. I only have 2 units of 8 for these but that’s enough. I’m not as impressed on the marching look of troops as for the more ‘in combat’ look.10mm union troops marching
As you can see. I also have on these done two flags for each command stand. Now I have the basic units I can start to play a little and do some historical flags. Both these units have Ohio state flags as well as the standard Union battle flag.
10mm union troops marching - rear

The other units I have are 10 strong and I actually did an extra command base, just because. That command base actually has just a state flag on it – just because really and to look different. I believe some units may not have had the Federal flag all the time. Pendraken union troops

I did also do a single hero stand for these troops as well. They all have red blankets.The green flag is actually from the 69th Irish regiment. Pendraken union troopd

I finished a couple more rifled guns for the Federal artillery and the limbers for the federal guns. ACW union rifled artillery

The limbers are just markers and so I used fairly small bases for these and without mounted guns for them. I still think they should work fine though on the table.Federal limbers

Lastly, a couple of Union commanders. These are on round stands to make them stand out from square junior commanders. I don’t think these are necessary for Longstreet but wanted to paint them up anyway.Union force commanders


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to More Federal troops ready

  1. How are you doing the basing on these, Mark? I like the effect.


    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks I’m glad you think it works. The bases have a fine sand mix with white glue before undercoating to give some texture between figs. I then paint the bases base dark umber and dry brush to give lighter colours to give a quick earth effect without too close an inspection. This means if I don’t cover all the base it looks more like soil/real ground through the grass. I then use a combination of patches of woodland scenic’s blended turf and static grass to try to give that summer/early autumn look of well growing grass in an rural area. I was worried the grass/turf looked a little too green but this summer spent in cottage country somewhat reduced my concerns on that! I could add more colours of to the turf and grass for an even more realistic effect, but for a mass battle set of figs this seems to work well.

  2. Jahan says:

    You are a painting machine with these, that’s some impressive output. I like the look of the 4 mini/base in the combat pose too, it looks much more realistic when the bases are two deep. Anyway this is an impressive collection that will look good on the gaming table all together.

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