Federal colored troops ready for the table

A significant part of the history of the ACW is tied up with the freeing of the slaves in North America. This was one of the underlying causes of the war and a huge factor in the triggers of the war as well as causing many issues in pre and post civil war America.

Up until the civil war America armies did not use colored soldiers (Americans with a African heritage), but the civil war meant that segregated regiments were formed and fought very well – to some surprise to a number of people at the time, none of them the colored regiments themselves! These were sometimes called the United States’ Colored Troops (USCT) and sometimes just normal regiments. If your interested in the history  and willing to take Hollywood’s take on it, I highly recommend the film Glory – a great civil war movie.

This covers one of the first colored regiments – the 54th Massachusetts. Oh and yes I’m using the US spelling of the word, as I don’t like the term but it is right in this historical context.

The Longstreet game reflects the contribution and impact of such regiments. These are enthusiastic troops in the campaign at the end of the war – when many other troops were much more gun shy of combat. So this is a good reason if nothing else to have some colored regiments in my Federal force. It allows me to field these types of units in the campaign game.Colored regiments join the fray

So above you can see my latest federal recruits – a collection of colored stands, and the command stand for the 54th, 55th  Massachusetts, as well as the 22nd United States Colored Infantry and two generic command bases (one colored one not), just so I have another command base. You can see the different command stands below.10mm Command stands

These should give me a good selection of troops and units in any system really. They are equipped the same as my other federal troops. Note, as with my other Federals the backpack is brown not black for more contrast in the troops. I know it should be black but in 10mm that does not give much contrast on the figs to me. I also still have some issues getting a good contrast on the skin of the colored troops but overall on the table they look ok. 10mm colored regiments on the march

I also have finished a couple more guns – these are brass ones – which will be useful in the early war especially.2 brass ferderal guns

Due to work and other commitments I’ve yet to play Longstreet, but I hope to get my first game in early Oct. But with these complete I have another 37 bases ready – this time 34 colored troop bases plus a generic command stand and two more bases of artillery. I should be ready for the soon to be started campaign at least.10mm Colored regiments from the back

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