Another set of Confederate troops

One of the guys down the club highlighted to me that although I now have both sides of the Civil war, I was the only one doing Confederate/rebel forces of those in the club who have put paint to figures! There are other potential rebel generals in the wings, but they are busy on other projects. So, I thought I better turn my attention back onto some Rebel’s a little and you can see the result below.3 rebel regiments

This is another 30 bases of rebel forces complete. One 10 man regiment with a generic command stand, one from Georgia and one North Carolina. The two with state flags as well as the battle flags are what I plan where possible to do for the rest of my command stands for the rebels. more rebels

I also went more for a more mixed butternut and grey general colours for these units. They still have some greys in them but it’s more spread and more mixed range of supporting colours in blankets etc, reflecting a little more the troops in the later years of the war. After more research I think I have too many light blue pants/trousers in the ranks though so they will be dropped from my next regiments. Below you can see the Georgia state flag as well as the rebel battle flag on the command stand.10mm Georgia regiment

The North Carolina on the one below. I do like how the flags came out and overall they are fairly easy to do, with a little research on the web for the flags the state regiments used and the great free resources available for flags of the civil war for gamers.North Carolina state regiment h Carolina state regiment front

Well, these should at least help even the odds if playing with a large group/multi-player games as it bring my confederate collection of troops up in numbers.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. These are really coming together, marke!

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