Goblin circus – first players ready

Now for something completely different and if there are any Coulrophobia suffers out there then this is not the post for you, nor are the next couple I plan to do. Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns by the way, for those who don’t suffer from that. That’s because for my next Bloodbowl team I’m going the Goblin circus. I decided to use this team for the upcoming Blingtooth Bloodbowl competition. It was a great idea a few months ago to do a new team for the competition.
First Goblin group shot

However, I am up against the deadline now in trying to complete these. Work has been much more intense and required more travel than normal in the last month or so, meaning I’m having to do these models in a hurry. So I don’t have quite the relaxed painting style and time to concentrate on the details that I normally get. But with a bit of luck I’ll get this team done in time, and to a level I’m happy with. I might not manage to get all the supporting figures (such as the Doc and cheerleader) done but I’ll try. As you can see I have the first 8 ‘normal’ goblins ready. All the models are from the Gaspez Goblin circus range.back of the first globins

Each goblin is a real character and a unique figure to paint – which makes doing the goblins fast a bit of a challenge to say the least, especially with my timing crunch for this project. The become a team from the circus theme. So I’ll provide some close up shots of each fig.

The first goblin is the juggler, he seems a happy go lucky kind of goblin, and one which likely is trying to ignore the game of bloodbowl which is is in. A fun little model.
Second is one I named ‘Grubby the vampire slayer’. With a wooden stake in one hand (it was originally a flower but I had this vision in mind) and hammer in the other, he’s ready for vampires of other nasties. Of course being a goblin he may not figure out what a vampire is, or where the heart is but he should be good as a dirty player for fouling.
gruffy the vampire slayer
Next we have the strongman Goblin – carrying the 100 kg weight. Need I say any more.
strongman gobbo
Another fun model is the Indian snake charmer/stunt man – going to step on a bed of nails. I did not realize that this guy also holds a snake when putting the figs together. I may add that but I like the angry look he has now actually. You can see that in a few of these figs – I put my own take on them vs. using them exactly as planned by Gaspez.
snake charmer gobbo
The two headed gobbo is a classic and although 2 heads is a mutant skill in Bloodbowl, it’s not available to normal goblins. Of course, a goblin with 2 heads is likely to end up as much a negative as a positive, with the constant arguments with itself, so this guy will just be a normal goblin in the team.
2 headed gobbo
This is another figure I modified from the original designs. This figure comes standing (balancing) on a ball like creature – I think GW calls them squibs or something. However, I though it was more fun and more in line with my character, to have the ‘drunken goblin ‘walking’ tightrope style along the white line. He may be a good candidate for sidestep, if he survives that long.
drunk tightrope walker
Now we have the team captain – the evil clown. Just enough menace in this fig to fit that perfectly.
Evil clown leader
Painting this little angry looking clown I had to give him the dunce cap. He becomes the ‘young, dumb and angry’ gobbo. His fists are balled up in frustration and everything. A perfect goblin player.
young, dumb and angry gobbo
Well there you are. You’ll have to forgive again my less than perfect camera work, but I hope the picture quality does not spoil the overall effect. I have more of these nearly completed now, so with luck I should have enough done for the competition.

Note, I may end up doing a little more on the bases, but we’ll see what time is left when I have painted all the required models for the team.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Goblin circus – first players ready

  1. Tristan says:

    they are finicky models, but fun to paint for sure.
    you clearly are not a regular greenskin player – blingTOOF 😉

    • mellis1644 says:

      Yep I have to agree putting the models together was a real pain, especially as many of the pieces are too small to pin properly. I’m not a normal greenskin player – you can tell hey…

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