More of the Goblin circus models

In the quest to get these models done for the comp in a week or so I have finished another batch of the Goblin models. You can see them all below. I managed a couple of games with these over the weekend and even won one, scoring 2 touch downs with the goblins!Goblin circus second wave
That was with an unfinished team, but you’ll see them all soon enough. I also suspect that win will be a rare event. I still have more of these to go so you’ll see more as I finish them.

So, for close up pictures of the figs. First, I have a magician and ‘da coach’ figures. I think these will be sideline figures for the team rather than real player models. Yes, so much for focusing on getting all the player models done first…
clown goblin magician

clown 'da coach'
Now to the actual player models. We have a goblin fire breather and a blind knife thrower. Both models are cool, with loads of character. They also may be rather useful for dirty players/sneaky gits, as after all their pose definitely looks like it will cause damage. I’m not wonderfully happy with the flame but it works and later I could return and tweak it a little (maybe). Not sure I really like my attempt at ripped pants for the thrower either.
clown fire and knife
Next, there are the 2 unicycle models. These will be players and are great models for goblins with sidestep – it’s easy to remember they have the skill with the figure and they are cool as well.
clown unicycles

Lastly, this batch includes the key to a goblin teams power – the secret weapons. Not only are they fun but these ones have loads of character.
circus secret weapons
The bomber had to have his face painted with a somewhat likeness of ‘V for Vendetta’ face. I think I got it ok for a goblin face – but added red lips for the large smile as after all the goblin seems to be enjoying his job.clown bomber
The chainsaw, has a classic scary clown face and costume.Chainsaw clown loonie Need I say more…

The pogo-er in this set is a goblin on stilts. I did the two poles slightly different colours and his tie a weird poker dotted affair – and no clown face, as he looks to be kind of wearing a suit. It looks a little odd which kind of works for me for this set.clown pogoer

Lastly, I have the fanatic – the gerbil as I call him. Such a fun model – and a nightmare of the table as you’d expect.
clown fanatic

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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One Response to More of the Goblin circus models

  1. David B. says:

    They look great. I wish you luck next Saturday.

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