Cirque de gobbo completed

Well just in time for the weekend competition I have finish the last lot of the Goblin Circus figures and most importantly the trolls of the team. You can see the final batch below.Final group of goblins & trolls
The last 2 player pieces which are vitally important to the team are the trolls. I’m ok with how these turned out, but I have say they are not as characterful models as the others in the line. It would have been nice to have had a better characterful model from Gaspez on these. They are nice figs but a large clown or something would have been cool. They are not bad figures but just not great like the goblins are IMO.
Circus troll 1
The second troll has the same body but a different head and hand than the first, as well as different colours, of course. I also put the armored shoulder pad on the other arm.
circus troll 2
Next is the medic goblin. This is a sideline piece but a fun one, although I’m likely not using it for real that often, it’s nice to have. I did a red tint to his medical suit – I doubt goblins have good cleaners.
Gobbo circus medic
Then there are 5 more sideline models that I have for the team – the cheer leader, the cannon firing clown, the weird monster and flag waver. The cannon does have a gobbo who can sit in it, but I quite liked it the way it is here so may leave that out – it looks more menacing as a real cannon. I do like the way the cheerleader came out though.
clown sideline figs 1
I wanted to do more with the flagwavers flag but ran out of time. I may touch it up a little or add a banner if I have time later. But the plane effect is ok for now.
clown sideline figs 2
If I have time I’ll add most static grass to the figs this eve – just a few pieces of dried grass to break up the bases (maybe, we’ll see).

But that’s the team ready for the game tomorrow! Now I don’t expect to win any games or the painting prize (there are much better painters going) but can at least hold my head up high with the overall team. I’m happy to show and play it in public, which is the key part to this.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Cirque de gobbo completed

  1. They’re going to look terrific while they kick the pee out of someone else 😉


  2. Nice work getting these guys finished. Agree with you about the trolls.

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