Pre-US Thanksgiving CY6! game

For the last few years on the Wednesday before US Thanksgiving I have run a CY6! game down at the gaming club. This year was no exception and overall the game went well. So here is a quick report of the game.

CY6! is such a cool game and although we had 7 players the game was easy to create a scenario and finished it in an evening. Below are a some pictures of the game and commentary. As always you’ll have to excuse by bad camera work.

This was just a put together raid scenario with some Betty bombers (7 of them) defended (in theory as you’ll see) by  8 Zero’s, against which which a US CAP squadron of 6 Wildcats are vectored in to attack.  Sounds ‘unfair’ but we have found that this kind of works, especially with a mix of pilot skills in play  – as you’ll see below. So the starting set up was as below:starting possitions

You can see the Japanese were not balanced in their fighter cover. A factor which will come to haunt their bomber group soon enough.Starting Japanese v2

While the US planed decided to come in more in three waves than a single group.Starting US
The US planes start to close on the bombers, with the first group high but getting close to the Betty’s – while the Japanese CAP races over to try to defend the bombers on that side.
turn 2
The Wildcats got ever closer but stayed high for their initial approach.
turn 3 - flying high v2
While the other Wildcats started to line up to attack the bomber group from more of a head on run.turn 3

The first group of Wildcats dove into the bomber group, while the second group from the front also opened up on them. With all this firepower the first Betty was sent falling to the earth in flames. The green token shows where the plane was.turn 4 - missing bomber

The third Wildcat group were also closing but a couple of the Zero’s had raced ahead and were looking to intercept them.turn 4

Soon the front planes clashed and a Zero pilot splashed one Wildcat- the one with the blue token, who was expertly taken down and could not even return fire.turn 5 - front flighters

However, the bomber group continued to suffer with 4 Wildcats now in close proximity… Where is the fighter cover I’m sure the Betty pilots are screaming in the radio’s. In reality Zero’s are close but not close enough to help.turn 5

Finally, for the bombers the zero’s get into the game for real, with guns blazing on all sides, it a wild ride. Another Betty is destroyed in the continuing attacks from the Wildcats. A couple of other planes are also damaged – you can see them from the trailing smoke markers.turn 6

This fight is now multifaceted with lots of shots on all sides. Some on seemingly random passing aircraft, as not all plans worked out for the various pilots! The front Zero’s also take out the second Wildcat in the frontal attack wave, in a much more risky head to head attack. This costs one of the Zero pilots his plane as well!

This turn two of the Wildcats also run out of ammo – too many long sustained bursts in the middle of the bombers while being pressured by the Zero’s I guess. However, this leaves them the only option of bugging out and trying to survive vs. continuing the attack.turn 6 -end

So currently it’s 2 bombers and a Zero destroyed, vs, 2 Wildcats, with another zero and 2 bombers damaged. The next turn continues the wild shot up in the sky. A damaged Zero tries a high risk turn and fail’s to pull it off – resulting in his plane disintegrating in the air, which a bonus kill for the US side in this case.turn 7

Another of the Wildcat’s (one of the remaining two with bullets) also was shot down in the following turn. So that left us with a single Wildcat in the fight and 2 without ammo that are bugging out vs all the remaining Japanese planes. At this point, after a couple of hours of swirling air combat we called the game. Fun was had by all at this point so it was a good stopping point.

The US won, but a fairly high cost – 50% of their aircraft. All in all another good fun and enjoyable game of CY6! – a system which continues to impress over the years we play it. The ease of play but realistic feel of the game, even when 7 or more players are involved makes this just a winner every time.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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