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15mm Vietnam/Asian huts

Well as a last item for the year I thought I would complete some items that have been hanging around on my painting desk. A few things happened which has delayed some of the other projects I have been working … Continue reading

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Land CY6! lego bases

Well a very simple and quick update today, but I update this for all my hobby projects. This is for CY6! 1/600 aircraft gaming. I have been using Lego stand for aircraft for a bit. That’s worked out great for … Continue reading

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Dystopian Wars More KoB Fleet Air Arm

Well this is one project that I can claim completion for this year. With these done my Dystopian Wars fleet for the Kingdom of Britain is done and all ready for the table. I’m not sure how good they are … Continue reading

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Last of the Dystonpian British surface fleet

I’m slowly working on finishing my first Dystopian Wars fleet – the British, of course. So this post shows the completion of the last of the surface fleet for that force. I still have some flyers to paint for the … Continue reading

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