Dystopian Wars More KoB Fleet Air Arm

Well this is one project that I can claim completion for this year. With these done my Dystopian Wars fleet for the Kingdom of Britain is done and all ready for the table. I’m not sure how good they are on the gaming table (I gather from the Spartan sites that they are not great) but they look cool to me. Below is the completed fleet air arm craft.KoB flying ships
These are fun models and in the end I like the way they have come out.I did these in similar colours to the naval ships, so they all fit together well in a single force. The sci-fi nature of Dystopian Wars allows these flyers and so what the heck, they are different than normal ships.

The first lot of finished flyers are a set of Merlin interceptors. I do like the look of these models – quite ‘old style cyclone’ in nature. KoW Merlin Interceptor

Next are the Doncaster bombers from the base set. An obvious link to the historical Lancaster bomber but with the Dystopian Wars twist. KoB Doncaster Bomber

These two sets of models are based on magnets so they are easy to transport. This means I can separate the stands from the models and you can see the underneath of the models as well.Merlin and Doncaster underneath

The next two models are a slightly larger flyers. These are interesting models and called Hawk ships. The are small capital flyers in the game but they do look a little odd. These are unstable when I put them on magnets and so in the end I have just glued them to the stands.
KoB Hawk flyer
Lastly, the big capital ship for this group. This is the eagle class ship. It’s a really nice model but it is a pain to based etc. In the end I have not yet glued it to the stand, as with 2 bases it seems to balance fairly well on the stand. Again magnets were just not strong enough for the model. I may end up gluing it.
KoB Eagle
These came out nice in the end and I will try another fleet in the New Year.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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One Response to Dystopian Wars More KoB Fleet Air Arm

  1. I like these even more than the ships. Game in the new year?


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