15mm Vietnam/Asian huts

Well as a last item for the year I thought I would complete some items that have been hanging around on my painting desk. A few things happened which has delayed some of the other projects I have been working on, but I’m making progress slowly on them. These are a major part of the scenery that I plan to use with my Vietnam and WW2 Burma gaming. So here we 6 builds to make up an Asian village in 15mm.15mm Asian Village
All the buildings are from JR miniatures – who closed down for a while but I are now back in business. Each building comes in three parts and you can see them below. The stilts are approx 1 cm tall so make the buildings raised like many of the buildings in the area. This also means I can use the buildings off the slits as well as on them – adding to their versatility
hut baseshuts open wih roofs I will say that even with a good washing of the buildings before starting the project and using a spray paint for the undercoat, it was still quite hard to get the paint to stay on the resin these are made off. I’m not sure what else I could do with them! I don’t really want to varnish the buildings, but I may in the end. I have not done that yet.15mm Small building
So I expect to have to make some touch ups over time on these after a few games. If it gets too bad then I may have to varnish as well.
L shaped Vietnam Buildings
For the colours I spent some time looking at colour photo’s of Vietnam war shots of villages on the web to try to get a somewhat realistic look to the buildings. I was surprised that many of the outbuildings are a yellowy/green grey, so I hope that these are somewhat realistic.  Because of the locations many of the buildings are also not of the finest repair so that works out as well.15mm Med building
These should be able to be used for many locations in South East Asia, especially if I don’t used the slits. That allows option for their use in the Burma theater of WW2, which I do want to start playing in the coming year as well. I like that all the roofs come off so that figures can be put inside and the lift off roofs are a cool touch.L Shaped Buildings with the roofs off

You can see that the size of the buildings as I took pictures on an inch squared cutting mat. So you can see these are reasonable sized buildings for gaming. That’s a thing I look for in buildings – that they are actually the right size for the scale of figs. Now onto some rice fields and jungle terrain.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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