6mm Dark Age warriors

Well it’s taken some focus to get these finished but I finally have completed the 6mm Dark Age (early Medieval for those really hooked up to the proper historical categories)  foot troops done. That was a major target for me over the holidays. So it seems fitting to start the New Years off with a post focused on these. You can see all the completed troops below. 6mm Dark Age Warriors

Note, although I say these are for Dux Bellorum, the game which has made me start the project, there are way more bases here than I need for that game. I can use these for DBA, Hail Caesar and Impetus as well.6mm Normal warriors

The first group consist of 18 bases of ‘normal’ warriors, most figures are troops charging with some throwing spears etc. These are loosely based in a groups, to try to give a more natural ans scenic layout of the figures on the base. This highlights the disorganized method of fighting and the individual prowess that was so key to this type of conflict.6mm Dark Age tribe

The second set are 6 bases, plus a single command base. That’s the one in front with a single mounted leader figure. These all have more figures on them per base than the above ones. These are for the elite troops of the army, which most armies of the time have would have had. Although I think they are fairly easy to differentiate from the above bases, I did add a yellow band on the back of each base – to help differentiate these in play.6mm elite dark age warriors

To be honest, all these bases can be used for most of the tribes of 4th to 6th cent Britain – so Welsh, Picts, Irish and raiders. The shield are starting to get a little out of period by the 7th cent (and for some Saxon raiders) but the advantage of the smaller figures is being precise is not so visually important. They will work well for most forces IMO for this period to my mind.elite dark age troops

I also did 2 bases of these heavily populated with figures type with naked figures. These will be good for the elite earlier forces (naked nutters ‘left over’ from the Celtic days of battle) and berserkers for certain forces. They can also be used as normal troops if needed.6mm 'au naturel' warriors

You can really see them well from the rear shot, and it shows up the yellow stripe as well on the bases.'au naturel' warriors- back shot

Lastly, I finished some separate command figures – again based on pennies, which can be used for various things in different rules, but I’m especially thinking of sub-commanders in the Hail Caesar.6mm sub commanders
Well that gives me more than enough figs for this project. I may do a few more bases for some of the later Saxon and native British forces type forces – especially for the 7th Century coverage, (which would be more shield wall and round shield type troops) but we’ll see.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to 6mm Dark Age warriors

  1. They look fantastic, marke.

  2. Good work here, a Christmas well spent.

  3. Saddlebags and Backpacks - a brewer's outdoor adventures says:

    very well done. 🙂 I am following in your footsteps and am amassing a 6mm late roman/sub roman army with “barbarian” foes

  4. Fantastic post and thank you for sharing. I have just discovered your blog and will now spend countless hours gawking.

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