Longsteert campaign game 1 – Battle of the cornfields

This year Ernie, a member of the local club and I are going to try out a grande campaign for Longstreet. We have had a couple of trial battles late last year and this looks to be a fun thing to get some games in. We played a few things wrong but overall had a great game earlier this week. I’m running the Rebel’s in the campaign and my alter ego commander  is Hector Archibald (combination of names from some of my ancestors).

I’m going to describe the battles and the campaign here on my blog – for fun mostly. I am going to include a ‘historical style’ rag newspaper report from the mythical and made up Richmond Reveler(oh and those won’t be biased at all…). I’ll also include an ‘actual’ after action write up and an update on the campaign side of things.

Note, this is a long post but I hope you enjoy reading these and also it may tempt you to try Longstreet, which is turning out to be a very fun American Civil War game.

‘Yankees are Repulsed – the Battle of the cornfields’

It is with great joy and rejoicing that we can inform you that the Yankees have been driven off from another of their aggressive marches south, as we all expected.  Hector Archibald, a west point graduate who left the US military to serve as a Colonel in his native Georgia state forces fought and won an action this morning which follows up on the great victories we have already seen already in this year of 1861.

The Yankees, who we believe were led by one of the leading abolitionists Colonel Ambrose Burnside, tried to force their way through Colonel Archibald’s forces at Bart’s farm north west of Richmond. Although the Northern’s smartly marched through the corn fields trying to bi-pass the forces of Colonel Archibald this was for naught. For Colonel Archibald moved a holding force of the 2nd Alabama regiment to intercept them,. Meanwhile he moved the Georgia 14th and 24th infantry regiments around to outflank the invaders. This allowed all our noble units to drive the invaders of our great Southern liberties back with several bayonet charges from both the front and flank.

The Northern’s did put up a reasonable fight after their initial shock and discovery of being flanked, and their first regiments being mauled by our brave Southern boys. But is was all for naught because at the same time was happening the 5th Georgia Cavalry moved around the rear of the Yankees and started to cause mayhem. This highlighted the recklessness of the Northern advance and the Yankees to head back home. Such is the folly of the Black Republicans in the north, and we are happy to see their troops sent packing by our brave southern soldiers.

We know from talking to some of his friends in the Confederate war office that such outstanding tactics from Colonel Archibald has already made him the talk of the town. He has been promoted and due to his masterful use of the forces under his command. We are also lead to believe that such an expert in the use of cavalry should be commanding more regiments of such, but only time will tell on that matter.

For now lets celebrate the victory of our brave boys and hope this shows the Black Republicans the confederacy will live forever!

Well that’s my first “newspaper clipping” – from the “Richmond Reveler”.

Real Battle report

We each drew 2 personality cards for the campaign and I got the ones below. So it seems sensible that my guy is an ex US military man but likely a peace time role vs. Mexican war veteran, and he has political connections.longstreet personality cards

Ernie got the following cards, so again a politically connected alter ego ‘Colonel Ambrose Burnside’, and that has been useful already, but also an abolitionist, which I think will come in very handy for him in the later stages of the campaign.Second personality card

The forces in the first game start of the same – the only time that this will happen and we drew the cornfields scenario, which after the extra terrain was laid down made the battle field as below. Ernie won the scouting and elected to be the attacker in this game. The only thing that really does is make him deploy first and have the first turn.the battlefield

Ernie deployed in the open area at the top of the table, while I deployed in the bottom right corner with a refused left flank. The objectives are the tents in the center of the table.Federal deployment

Rebel deployment

Ernie did start to press the attack and moved 2 regiments of foot and his cavalry on towards my right – my refused flank. In reply, I moved my cavalry forward on my left while moving on of my foot units sideways to the crest of the hill to defend that right flank, while the blue troops continued their advance.Threatened right flank

As the multiple infantry and 1 dismounted cavalry units closed on my single unit on the right, I slowly moved my other 2 foot regiments up but did not commit to turning them until Erine had nearly passed them. The front unit would have to hold for a few turns for my flanking forces to ‘do their stuff’. That was the plan at least.starting to turn the flank of the Yankie advance
During this time my cavalry unit was working around the flank of the Yankees – aiming for the other object. This was holding a infantry unit in place and the federal art unit moved to support them. This in theory allowing me to have a slight numerical advantage when the combat did occur on the right – if I could get units in place in time.rebel cavalry on a flanking move

I also added a ‘not on the map’ piece of rough going in front of Ernie’s assault to break it up and give my flanking units more turn to get into position.  Unfortunately, just using shooting was not really working for either of us, so charges would likely be the deciding factor in the game.Yankee assault starts

When the Yankie charges came in, they came in piecemeal to start with. That gave me a chance to defend and hold them on the hill. Soon I managed to counter charge with the front and flanking unit – breaking one of the Yankie infantry units! Unfortunately in the excitement my pictures for this event is fairly poor, so I’ll skip those. This I thought would be a turning point but that was not really the case.

After this Ernie continued the assault and although I countered several times, and assaulted myself my holding unit was slowly reduced in size and finally destroyed with little impact on the federal unit – I could not win these conflicts or fire fights it seemed. I was very aware of the edge of the table as well, which meant I had to be careful of the unit not being pushed off the table – something Ernie was trying to do it seemed. While this was occurring my flanking unit continued to hurt the dismounted cavalry, slowly reducing it in size, but not breaking it.Defending rebels start to get worn down

At the other side of the table, I had finally managed to get the cavalry unit to the other objective. That was even with Ernie putting ‘not on the map’ rough terrain in the way of my troops and moving his units to try to defend this objective. This was the final straw though, and with both objectives in my control and the number of casualties already inflicted I had won he game at the end of that turn!Rebel Cavalry get the other objective

Campaign stage

One of the cool things about Longstreet is the post battle sequence. So you can follow along with the campaign I include the table below which shows the forces and the results of this stage.

After the battle I have 7  Ep’s and Ernie has 5. Our forces were changed as shown below.

Confederates lead by Colonel Hector Archibald – 2 eaglesRebel Post battle - updated



Total bases: 44

The changes that were made to my force were:

  • The commander got promoted
  • One unit can become Seasoned
  • Added an 8 base of unit of eager veteran Cavalry
  • +1 base to one unit
  • +2 bases to one unit
  • The force is more than the minimum size, so no more units needed to be added.

Federal Colonel Ambrose Burnside – 2 eaglesFederal Post battle - updated

Total bases:  41

The changes that were made to Ernie’s force were:

  • The commander got promoted
  • +1 base to a unit
  • One unit can become Seasoned
  • +1 base to one unit
  • Add 2 Napoleon cannons
  • As the force is not at minimum size it’s 35 vs a required minimum of 38 (34 +4 for the personality card). So he get to add a unit of 6 recruits. He can choose if this is infantry or cavalry.

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  1. Nice work Mark ! i’m looking forward to our 2nd game.

  2. Fingers in ears, “La-la-la” 😉

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