Soviet Katyusha rocket launcher and other bits

These have been on my painting table for a while so this is another, ‘get it done’ action item to get some of my old projects finished. These are additions for my already large Flames of War Soviet army and are a collection of a few items. First are a set of Katyusha rocket loading crews. These are used in the game to make the rockets batteries more powerful.Russain Rocket Crew

Then I have 2 Katyusha rockets from Zveda, the Russian plastic kit manufacturer. These are slightly different than the battlefront ones, but I believe there were enough different models of rocket launcher in the Soviet arsenal so that this won’t be an issue on the table top.pastic Kat
Then, I have have 2 Katyusha rockets actually from Battlefront. These were given to me by a friend downsizing his FoW collection so I finished them for mine. As you can see they have larger rails and more rockets than the plastic version.metal kat
Below is the combination of all the the above in a single unit. This will be a good for my Flames of War soviets but not something I would use for games such as Bolt Action – they really are too much of a stand off long range weapon for most games. You may notice that the replacement rockets being loaded are a different colour than the one on the trucks… Well that’s what you get for not paying attention for a project which takes a long time, but I’m ok with this – replacement rockets must be from a different batch or something, as I’m not fixing it now.
4 kats top 4 kats
Next there are a couple of horse drawn limbers/carts for the Soviet forces. I’m not sure what these will be used for, but again they were from the friend’s downsizing, so they join my forces. Most bigger guns of the period used such limbers

Lastly, are a couple of game tokens. First a fun THMG objective marker, made for the local club and then some ‘in cover’ or ‘dug in’ markers from FOW. These can be used for other terrain markets as well. Well that these done now and they all ready for gaming.THMG dug in markers


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to Soviet Katyusha rocket launcher and other bits

  1. Diovian says:

    How did your friend make this? I have to do a project and love to make a model similar to this one

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