In Her Majesties Name – Angels and Priests

I liked the idea of the In Her Majesties Name rules when I first heard of them and really liked them when I read them. So for this rules set I have painted up a force of guys in robes and other models. These are all going to be part of own own force, of which I’m still working on the details of the background and stats.  One of the nice things of the IHMN rules is this flexibility. The force will take the next couple of blog posts to complete. I will include a full write up of them at the end of the painting. I may use them for West Winds Empire of the Dead as well (as that’s the source of most of the figures), but the simple and flexible rules for IHMN appeal for me.

So first off, we have a couple of Angels that I have done for the force. I wanted the force have some mystical backing and found these models by Old Glory. They fit the bill perfectly as well.IHMN - first angel front

None of the exiting factions for IHMN have angels for support, I guess for political and back ground reasons but this seemed too much fun not to do. It also allows me to create my own faction – which you’ll see the write up for in a later post.IMHN - first angel back

The angels are all finished in a gloss varnish – after all they should be shining examples to the normal figs in the faction. This gives them a different look to my normal figures.IMHN - first angel side

They also have no iris in their eye’s – just white which I hope gives the faces a bit more bling, as if the wings do not differentiate them enough already. The colours are purposeful as well, with small amounts of red and other colours but on a mainly white and grey scheme. After all angels are normally white aren’t they.IMHN - second angel side

The second angel is again done with whites and grey’s does have a little more colour – the flaming red hair vs. the blonde of the first one. I had originally had the idea to do the hair like fire, but in the end did something slightly less extreme in effect, which I think is still striking on the mini.Both these models are from one of the other ranges of Old Glory – I forget which, but they will work well to add some mystical backing for my faction Victorian religious faction.IHMN - second angel side

Of course, any religious group need leaders and with Angels in the faction I’ll need some figs with a bit of influence. The West Wind figures from Old Glory work perfect for these and provide some interesting characters. So from that range, below you can see the two figures painted up as inquisitors for the faction.IHMN - inquisitors front

The black vestments give them the inquisitors name and so this makes them nice and distinctive. I still have to work out if they are deacons or really inquisitors  isn’t the later more fun though…IHMN inquisitors- back

Finally, a faction needs some leaders as well. So we have a Priest in white and a Cardinal in red. These are so iconic figs and characters in the Catholic church I really had to include them.IHMN - Priest and Cardinal - front

These may also have some mystical powers – meaning that the angels may actually have less game time but that’s ok, they were fun to paint. The Cardinal does look like he means business though.IHMN - Priest and Cardinal - back

For the record the Angels are approx twice the size of the normal figs – you can see that below. Well that’s enough for now, these are the start of a fun faction for me.IHMN -  Angel size comparison


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3 Responses to In Her Majesties Name – Angels and Priests

  1. Nice models, especially the Cardinal

  2. Whenever I see angels in armour I am reminded of Diablo. I think your angels look as unforgiving as the ones in the Diablo lore. The Cardinal and Inquisitor are a nice touch, too!

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