In Her Majestis Name – Lay brothers

O.K. this is the second post for my In Her Majesties Name rules force. This is the remainder of of the religious faction that I started at this post which included the mystical figures and religious leaders of the faction. This post covers the standard troops in the group. My next post I believe will cover the background and stats for the faction. All the models are from Old Glory (the old West Wind models from their Gothic range) unless I say otherwise. I previously had the old glory figs – I always liked them but did not have a target project for them until now. lay commander
So, first the factions commander who is praying and carries a sword. I’m really happy how that figures face came out. Yes, it’s an easy face to paint but still, it’s characterful. Next up are the 2 models I’ll use for the sub commanders. Again nice models which are chunky and yet characterful. The one with it’s face exposed again came out really nicely.sub-commanders

As you can see I went for dirty set of robes with these figures. I can’t see such a group as this having good laundry services and it makes the robes look better on the figures as well. It fits into the Victorian period as well. The next figure is a fun one – the grenade throwing lay member. I expect many jokes about the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, (yes from Monty Python) when he used. I’ll make them if no one else does. Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch figure

With these figures as leaders and special characters, the next group are the standard lay members of the organization. They do have torches just to add that nice ‘burn the heretic’ concept as well as having some dangerous looking melee weapons. Got to love the guys with large axes/swords. They make a statement if nothing else. Lay members 1 - frontLay members 1 - front
The next set of figures are the crossbow armed troops. You can see the new Empire of the Dead West Wind vs. Old Glory figs. The two on the right hand side of the picture are the West Wind Empire of the dead figures. I was a little disappointed with the size difference but as we humans come in all sizes it’s not so different to be truly out of scale.crossbows - frontCrossbows back
The last set are the reason I have some newer Empire of the Dead figures in the last group. I wanted to have some lay members with fire arms and the old Glory set did not have any, but the newer West Wind figs did. So you can see them below. Again these are smaller than the Old Glory ones but that sort of makes sense – the smaller guys have guns.firearm membersfirearm members - back

So that’s the lay members. I’m still working on the background and that will be in the next post.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to In Her Majestis Name – Lay brothers

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  2. Nice where is the grenade carrying monk from?

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