French Indian Wars – first British

A year or so ago I got interested in several rules sets for the French Indian Wars (FIW) – Muskets and Tomahawks and Smooth and rifled being the key sets. This period also feeds nicely into the American War of Independence (AWI) as well, as most of the uniforms are similar. This is more so when using smaller figures where the details are not as obvious. So that’s sort of two conflicts with at least the same British and French miniatures. Living in Canada this also seemed to be a perfect period to game. So with my personal rule that I won’t game with unpainted mini’s that left only one option. Painting troops for this has lead to the results below…FIW British with mood lighting

So here we have the first of my French Indian War figures. I’m doing this in 15/18mm with mostly Blue Moon figures. All the ones shown here are from them. Of course I had to do a British  force and first we have the soldiers of the line. These are painted as one of several regiments of the time with buff cuffs (22nd, 27th, 40th etc…). I have done 2 officers who will be used in games. The flag standard and drummer are less likely to hit the table but heck, what force would be painted without them.British line command

As well as these, there are the other normal Line troops which are skirmishing. You can see I have gone with a fairly dull red as well as other colours for the figures. I have also gone for a matte varnish finish. Overall, I like the end result. British line skirmishing 2 British line skirmishing 3British line skirmishing 1

Then we have the Light infantry. These are painted as the 60th regiment of foot – with Blue cuffs (and no turn backs as they are light infantry). There were a few other regiments with those faces so they could be the 1st or 94th for example. The first 10 with shoulder pads etc and so are a little more flash than others.British Light infantry - with shoulder pads

Then the rest of the light infantry are in more of a ‘rural look’. I’m going to use the pointing figures as the officers for this group.British Light infantry 2 British Light infantry 1

Well this is the first post of figures for another period/project for me. These do give me a decent sized force for the large skirmish games, but I have more on the table. So expect more in this period going forward.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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