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No sheeping about…

As mentioned in my last post I’m starting to prep for hosting a couple of games at a local show in July . The second game I’m running will be SAGA. This will be a big Viking vs. Anglo-Danish fight … Continue reading

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Trial enclosure hedges and walls

This week I signed up to run a couple of games at a new convention in the area : Hold the Line – 2014. This should be fun and I’m planning to run a big SAGA game (more on that … Continue reading

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British FIW Grenadiers and Indians

So, another set of figures move off the painting table for this project. As has been pointed out by a couple of people I can’t really do this without Indian’s so here are the first of those. All the figures … Continue reading

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More ACW Rebels marching to the table

Well it’s been a busy time personally since I last posted. I was hoping to finish off my writeup for the IHMN gang/force but that’s not happened yet. Maybe this weekend. Anyway, here are some pictures of my latest batch … Continue reading

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