British FIW Grenadiers and Indians

So, another set of figures move off the painting table for this project. As has been pointed out by a couple of people I can’t really do this without Indian’s so here are the first of those.
FIW 18mm Indians
All the figures in this post are from Blue Moon 15mm’s. Below are the close up shots of the Indian’s. I did not go it to much face painting on etc. that some tribes did on these. I’ll leave that for some later models as I do have quite a few to paint up in the end.
6 blue moon FIW indians
I found the research for these guys and how the would look quite hard, but overall for 18mm I admit I’m quite happy how these turned out. Using completely different flesh tones that I do for the European settlers also makes them stand out and be different as well. I added some extra long static grass to some of these figs, as they will be in cover most of the time. I still need more practice with this but it looks ok so far.
Second set of FIW indians
Next of course (for me) are some more Brtiish line regiment troops. These guys have buff turnbacks and are all in a marching pose.
British reinforcements
Here are the close up shots. Yes they are all the same, but you can see that I have basically 2 units of 9 figures – or any combination I want of these guys.
FIW British Marching 2
FIW British Marching 3
FIW British Marching 1
And lastly I have some elites – British Grenadiers. Ten figures that are in the pack make a nice unit for Muskets and Tomahawks. They stand out well compared to the line British troops as well. I found the cap detail difficult to get right so just improved – here you can see the limit of my freehand painting skills. More practice required…FIW Grenadiers 2 FIW Grenadiers 1

So that’s enough British for a fairly good scrap – but I have likely one more post of British to finish the figs I have for them, before moving to the French to provide some opposing forces.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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