Trial enclosure hedges and walls

This week I signed up to run a couple of games at a new convention in the area : Hold the Line – 2014. This should be fun and I’m planning to run a big SAGA game (more on that in a later post) as well as an English Civil War game, using the Pike and Shotte rules. This will be based on the real Battle of Adwalton Moor in 1643. This will be using some of my 15mm collection for this period – a couple of old pictures here from those.

For this game I could use the club terrain but I’m not really happy with what we have for modeling the ‘enclosures’ which will be a focus of the game. Note, an enclosure is just a field with very specific boundaries. This is most likely dry stone walls or a solid banks with a ditch or a thick hedge. This had to be strong and tall enough to animals out (or in) – sheep, cattle and deer etc. This allowed crops to be grown or animals raised without need of constant supervision and monitoring. The growth of enclosures is a sign of the slow urbanization and growth of agriculture vs. common grazing as the land use in Britain. Anyway enough of the history lesson.

These were in area’s of the battle such as at Adwalton Moor and especially had an impact on battles as they caused major problems for Pike armed units as well as mounted troops. So this should be an interesting aspect to the game.

So this is an excuse for me to extend my terrain making skills I decided to have a go making some walls and hedges for this. Below you can see the results of this trial for these.trial enclosure boarders

Overall I’m happy with the results and so more will be created. See what you think in the pictures below – as always comments welcome. Here the 15mm and 10mm figs are next to a couple to show the height differences in the different ones I did. I think I’ll be doing the second height lot vs. the first shown here. Sample hedges -2 Sample hedges

The wall really does not work for 10mm but the hedges are ok. These all are too small for 28mm figs as well – apart from maybe as rough ground area’s en mass. So these will mainly be for 15mm games.sample stone wallWhen I have done more I’ll do a how to post (if you have not already worked it out), as although far from perfect they are simple to do and look ok on the table. Yes, the next thing after nice figures is to be a nice looking table to game on. Otherwise what’s the point in painting.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Trial enclosure hedges and walls

  1. They look the part and I like the hedges as they are quite voluminous and surely look better than a resin cast. How did you attach the flock? I always have trouble making it stick.

    Some suggestioms: I see you used slightly curved popsicle sticks as a base. It might be an idea to use straight ones or maybe plasticcard. Instead of glue I would also suggest mixing some acrylic matt gel, sand, brown paint and pva. Makes a good soil texture and you can embed your walls and hedges in it. You also combine 3 steps in one this way. However, looking forward to the tut.

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks and yes the flock was a challenge- lots of PVA glue seems to to the trick though. I used slightly curved sticks as they are a lot more stable than the thin straight ones. Hedges are rarely straight anyway so I’m less worried about that. I do need to find some tongue depressors for another batch and will try some gel for the wall.

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