No sheeping about…

As mentioned in my last post I’m starting to prep for hosting a couple of games at a local show in July . The second game I’m running will be SAGA. This will be a big Viking vs. Anglo-Danish fight – nothing too complex in the scenario for this one. I do need some more terrain though to make it an interesting game table to fight over. So here we have a couple more buildings which I have had nearly had finished on the painting table for a while and this pushed me to complete them. I also include some sheep, which will be used for extra objectives in the game.SAGA buildings and sheepI have had the sheep for a long time and never really needed them. So here they are. Not a perfect paint job but they’ll do a great as some extra points on the table for units to move around and collect. I’ll put them in places which tempt players to move and adds a bit of fun anyway – and likely some jokes as well…28mm Sheep...Here are a few more shots of the buildings. These are from Hudson & Allen Studio’s and I have to say are very nice for the price. They vary their products over time so I’m not sure if these are still available. Neither of these have removable roofs which is the only negative to them but I’ll likely make a quick base template of paper for the game use if they are occupied. building 1The buildings may be a little late in architecture for the SAGA period if a purist is checking, but they are close enough for me to use – and can be used for other games as well. Obviously there is a forward thinker in this village architecturally.building 2


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to No sheeping about…

  1. They will look great for the game I think. Where are the sheep models from?

    • mellis1644 says:

      The models are from the now defunct mega miniatures. Shame the folded last year as they had some interesting models for unusual items. I know they are selling off the molds to other company’s – these were the 40001 – sheep x 10 pack

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