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That really gets my goat

Well I’m still working on developing the SAGA game for the hold the line convention but (see here for more details: htttp:// but I do want to make the game interesting and fun for all. So I need some more … Continue reading

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Longstreet campaign game 3: Battle for the Cold Hills

Well Ernie (my regular Longstreet opponent) and I got to play the third game in out Longsteet campaign last week and so here is the writeup. My phone died during the game, so there is a limited set of pictures … Continue reading

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Another set of Confederate troops

Yesterday, Saturday the 10th, I ran this years Orion cup again – a Bloodbowl event which is always a fun tournament. This year it was 10 players (including me) and registered 2 no shows (ah well at least they had … Continue reading

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The New Inquisition write up for IHMN

Well now I have some figures painted up for the In Her Majesty’s Name game (see here for more details on this rules set if you have not seen/played it author blog), I thought it was finally time to finish … Continue reading

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