Lock your doors – the British are here

I have been traveling a lot recently on business so that hits painting and gaming time, but have still been trying to complete some projects. Below you can see the rest of my mainline British force done for Muskets and Tomahawks, in 15/18mm. These have been a back burner project for a while, so it’s good to finish them off.British are commingThe Grenadiers for SYW and Essex figures I think – I got these in a bring and buy purchase and it seemed sensible to paint them up for this force as I have no other real uses for them. They are a little smaller than the 18mm blue moon stuff and have less detail but it’s acceptable on the table in a skirmish game. They are ok but not great models.Essex grenadiers set 2 Essex grenadiers set 1The British are the Blue Moon 18mm marching unit with some command figures. I have 12 more line models, which is a big unit for M&T  and some command. These are nice 18mm models and paint up really well as before. Blue moon British group 2 Blue moon British group 1One of the commanders, the guy pointing with a stick, is a modification and repose of the flag bearer model. I wanted more officers and no more flags in these units, as flags were really not used that much in the period and I have 1 flag fig already. The drummer also came out well. I’m not sure what use he will be in games but it’s nice to have such figures on the table anyway. Blue moon British commanders Blue moon British commanderFinally in this group, I have another group of friendly native Americans for the force. The games of the period would not be right without some of these guys. I use a completely different skin tone and have more muted colours – as well as no black lining of colours on these models. The facial details are more visible in real life but that’s my poor photo’s for you. These have very little ‘war paint’ – I’m reserving that for the French supporting Indians. British Indians group 3 British Indians group 2 British Indians group 1This should be enough figs for a 600 pt British and Indian force on the table. Next some French I guess for this project but I have some other things to do first.



About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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