HTL hedges, walls and a ditch

Well I have been traveling for business a lot still but have managed to finish these now – just in time. These are all for the Hold the Line convention game of ‘Pike and Shotte’ I’m running (which is tomorrow), but I’ll be using them for other games as well of course. These will be useful for all 15mm and even 10/6mm games.

First is a ditch that I have created – it’s 25″ x 4″in a terrain piece. The ditch is an unusual terrain piece in many games but in reality are quite common in the real world. I may make more of these in the future as this game out well. But those may be just 2″ wide, but for this game the 4″ is perfect. It’s simple but should do the job for small scale battles. the slightly raised edges are from acrylic filler and then it’ just paint on balsa.DitchThen we have the walls – more of the same from what I have done in the past.  They will work for different games though and are much cheaper than the commercial ones available. They are made from think ‘popsicle’ craft stick painted grey after they have stuck in the tile ‘glue’ and then the lines are made with a sharpie pen – the second picture shows that up well. It’s basic but it works quite well in the end.HTL walls HTL stone walls - showing the bricksLastly, there is the vast number of the hedges. These should give me enough hedge type terrain for all games below 25mm scale for a long time. I know the bush pieces will shed a little but that’s par for this type of thing and they do look ok. They are two different sizes of craft sticks with tile glue left over from a DIY project as a raised area, then painted green and when dry different bush and light cover flock on them. The smaller size are 4″ in length.HTL small hedges The larger ones are approx 6″ in length. These should give me enough hedge terrain for various games, as as you can see I have done quite a few feet of them now.Small and large HTL hedges So I should be ready for this game terrain wise if nothing else. These last ones are still wet but should be dry for the game tomorrow.just finished HTL hedgesI have approx 29′ of hedges for my tables and actually they were pretty easy to create.



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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to HTL hedges, walls and a ditch

  1. Looks great marke, they turned out really well, especially given the time frame. The walls are a treat.

  2. 40kterminatus says:

    Yep, good job.

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