Union reinforcements from vacation painting

Last week I managed to get some time off work and had a vacation! I spent it relaxing vs traveling as well so that was good. A few beers were drank etc. However, as part of that I did some painting and this was focused on the remainder of my ACW figures. These are the last of the lot I had purchased for the Longstreet project, all union figs and really nearly enough for a starting players full players force (yes I went over the top on this project). You can see the first results of that below. It’s taken a couple of days to finish the basing this week. ACW vacation paintingBeing able to concentrate on them, was good as I could really crack through the painting of the whole group and move to completion of this project. This and my next post should mean the end of my ACW painting in this scale at least for a while! In this first group I have another finish unit of Cavalry plus some infantry and guns. First there are the mounted cavalry, with an officer in charge of them.Second Union cavalry unit - back Second Union cavalry unitNext we have the dismounted figures, and some horse holders. These again are modeled with logs on the bases so it’s easy to differentiate dismounted cavalry from other infantry on the table. So this has been a good idea and works well, so can’t say more than that really.Dismounted Union Cav - back Dismounted Union Cavunion horse holdersWith all these I also finished another unit of Zouaves. These are based on the 5th New York regiment, in their nice red outfits, floppy hats and baggy pants/trousers (depending which side of the pond you are on). 8 bases of these with a flag holder waving the flag to inspire the troops.ACW union 5th NY Zouaves ACW union ZouavesThen,  of course for the union forces there is some more artillery. This consists of 4 bases of rifled guns (in the black) and older guns (the bronze ones). The shiny bronze ones are Napoleons I think as models from Pendraken – as all these models are.ACW rifles ACW napoleonsLastly, I have a collection of marker figures for use in the game – sharp shooters are on the big bases and hero markers for the smaller ones. Really this is too many hero markers but it used up the last of the extra command figures.ACW union markersOn and yes I have to finish up by saying I did and one final rebel figure. I realized I had a lot of markers so painted this one up in grey to join the other side, so here is a picture of that one as well. He is the last of the Confederate figs I’ll be doing in 10mm for a while.Lone rebel


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Union reinforcements from vacation painting

  1. 172fixer says:

    Nice job! I hope it was worth the eyestrain, at this point in my life I couldn’t paint any smaller then 20mm! 🙂

  2. Quite like those dug-in fellows. Good work on these!


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