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15mm wooden buildings

O.K. a quick one this week. I am slowly building up a collection of buildings for the games that I play and as various of those are in 15mm it seemed appropriate to get some buildings. These are from 4ground … Continue reading

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Longstreet game 4 – flanking attack

So Ernie and managed to get together and play the next game in our ongoing Longstreet campaign at the start of August, but it’s taken me a week or two to write this up. It’s been a while since we … Continue reading

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Sword and Spear review and sample game

You likely can’t tell from this blog showing what I have been painting over the last few years, but I used to be an avid player of ancients games. I have tried various rules recently such as Impetus, FoG, DBMM … Continue reading

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Vacation painting – completion of my 10mm ACW forces

Well this is the end of my ACW 10mm painting for a while. Another project which can be put in the ‘DONE’ list. I may in the end up doing some more but for now I believe I have more … Continue reading

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