Vacation painting – completion of my 10mm ACW forces

Well this is the end of my ACW 10mm painting for a while. Another project which can be put in the ‘DONE’ list. I may in the end up doing some more but for now I believe I have more than enough figures for most games I want to play, and then some. There are definitely enough for 4 Longstreet players and I believe enough for fire and fury, but will have to check other rules etc. So you can see a close up here of the troops.
Close up shot of 10mm ACWThese were again done on vacation like the last blog entry. You can see them all shown below. This is a total of 43 more bases of troops. ACW last lot of figsThis includes a good collection of Flags/command stands in this set – 11 in total. It means I should have no issues of doing or fielding command stands. Ernie my regular ACW opponent seems to have this issue with his force in the campaign. Too many deaths and new units… The flags are all printed from the internet and then touched up when on the models, but they are historical and come out well to me.Command flags 1 Command flags 2Next up are the 2 units of cap wearing Zouarves. These have blue not red as the theme colour. I fully admit to not basing these off any specific regiment and I just let the paint take me where it wanted. I think they look pretty good and I guess I’ll have a job to try to find if they match real units. I’m sure there are some which do.ACW union blue Zouaves - front ACW union blue Zouaves - backAlso included are a set of standard infantry bases. These guys have light gray blankets so that differentiates them from other bases. Oh and as normal I did the pack on brown as in 10mm the real black colour just blends into the coat. Yes it’s not perfect but in my opinion it looks better.ACW white union troops ACW white union troopsThese are troop bases with troops that have red blankets. Again these are done in the same style as other units and stuff I have done.ACW red union troops ACW red union troops - backLastly, here are all my Union forces in their storage boxes – the same type of shots as I did for the rebels a few posts back. It’s good to finish off projects and these have already have many table uses at the club so overall a good project. I do seem to have a few more confederates that union troops though – so I may have to even that up at some point.Union Box 1 Union Box 2 Union Box 3


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Vacation painting – completion of my 10mm ACW forces

  1. Looks fantastic, marke! You need to set up some glamour shots the next time you play, so we can see both armies in full glory 😉

  2. Congrats for finishing this project. They look very nice indeed and the mass effect you can achieve with 10mm is simply stunning.

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