Longstreet game 4 – flanking attack

So Ernie and managed to get together and play the next game in our ongoing Longstreet campaign at the start of August, but it’s taken me a week or two to write this up. It’s been a while since we played Longstreet as well so we were a little rusty and made a few mistakes but heck it was still a fun game.

I got the choice of attacking or defending and the scenario was the flank attack. I agonized over that decision as I have a lot fewer units than Ernie. But in the end I decided to attack as I thought I would have a better chance of winning on the attack. It’s 1863 in the campaign and I still have a reasonable number of attacking cards in my deck after all. The Union in this scenario starts in one corner holding one objective, as seen below.
G4 Union leftThe other side of the board has another objective but no defending troops. some of Ernie’s force did start in column ready to move towards that though. The objectives are the little tents on the table. G4 Union right G4 confederate So with this set up, I put most of my units in the center and left with just a single cavalry unit and a small art piece over on my left. My aim was to claim the undefended objective on the right, while trying to move around and threaten the objective on the left, making Ernie split his strength in defending both at the same time.

You’ll notice in the pictures we had little tags on the various units for their names and unit levels. This did not look so great on the pictures, but it did speed up the play quite a lot as it was easy to tell the different units to handle now. As you can see from the army lists at the end of this entry, we now have a wide variety of levels in our units, and this little trick although not that pretty really did make for a simpler and quicker game when playing the game.

As the year is 1863 in the campaign now the Union forces are getting more numerous!  I was feeling a little outnumbered in deployment stage of this game and the next one is going to get even worse. That’s because after this game Ernie now has 12 more bases then I do on the table. I better start reading the rules for building defensive works for future games.

However, back to this game. The first moves had my rebels advance out of the deployment area to try to capture the unsecured objective. Erine’s forces in response tried to secure the same uncontrolled objective. As he sent just one (very powerful unit) vs. the multiple I did I was confident that I would be able to win and claim that objective in time.

The multiple wide streams on the board made the progress hard heavy but we both seemed to have the same idea at this point.

On the other flank things looked a lot more concerning though as you’ll see below.G4 rebel advanceMy small cavalry unit used it’s fast movement to get into a good position in the woods on the right side and that ensured it could dismount and hold off the Unions regiment from that objective. A larger infantry unit was on it’s way to really claim the objective and an Art units of 2 guns  was also moving up to add some long range support. G4 cavalry deply in the woods In the center the Union forces were advancing towards my holding force. I was not really happy about this as I did not have a great deal of strength here. My concern was with the sheer number of units the Union forces could muster here. My fear was that they could do a concerted push in the center and cause a lot of casualties on my forces – thus wining the game . So after initially moving up as fast as I could to buy some space, I then started to do the shoot and withdraw style of defense – which seemed to work. Ernie could never get into range with enough troops to do an effective charge throughout whole game. G4 center advanacesOn the left of the table my cavalry unit had done it’s job of drawing out multiple Union troops but I was not confident they could hold against all the units being sent at them. So in the end I was left messing around trying to get them out of the way. Here is where I messed up and eventually rather than stand and fight I decided to withdraw the units. But the indecision caused issues and as the center attack from the Union forces looked like it could be too strong I feared this lone unit could be wiped out. Their supporting Art killed a union base and then got wiped out while I was messing around here…G4 left flank messing aroundIn the center firing had started but the Union attack had not been as aggressive as I feared. So I used used a shoot and scoot style defense with the art pivoting to try to shoot at the flank of the units attacking. I also moved my larger unit up to try to protect the guns from the uncommitted  union unit which was not making the push forward as aggressively as the others. The center had turned into a shooting match at this point!G4 center closing On the right, a separate self contained little fight was developing with the Union regiment standing up to my dismounted cavalry, an infantry regiment and the supporting guns. In the end I would gain the objective but the union regiment held it’s ground well and strangely was winning the shooting battle here even at the end of the game. But numbers did tell eventually and it lost a reasonable amount of bases in the game. Strangely though, even though out gunned and out numbered, that unit definitely caused more casualties than it took.G4 Fight for the right objectiveUnfortunately, on the left we made a mistake in the rules soon after this and it did effect the game outcome. I illegally moved my column of cavalry through the infantry lines, after opening a hole with a confusion card. We missed the rule which stops this (columns can’t end withing 6 bases of the enemy) but thought it was odd at the time. I should have withdrawn the cavalry really but instead had moved them through the union lines. The column had been charged by union infantry and even though vulnerable I made the best roll of the game with loads of 6’s  and won the combat, while Ernie’s roll was one of his worse!  So I guess this evened out the shooting above. Anyway, this allowed the rebel cavalry to have an easy time in the back field of the Union forces ensuring they got to the other objective as there was no real units around to stop them.G4 error with cloumnIn the center the ‘shoot and scoot’ defense was still working, especially as I had a string of great cards to help the withdraws – extra reverse movement etc. This also put me at one point in a position to do a rebel charge as the various union units pressed forward. This was successful and pushed back both Union regiments. It killed a few more bases of union troops and gave m an extra EP for the campaign as well. Rather than trying for the counter-charge in his turn which would have hit one of my unit in the flank, Ernie decided to move and withdraw his units, allowing me to recover my exposed infantry the following turn and yet keep up the shooting pressure. At this point because of shooting and the charges the casualty boxes on both sides were growing – but the union casualties were a lot more than the rebels.
G4 combats happenSo with the mistake of the cavalry column move, I had taken both objectives, not just one so it was easy for me with the union casualties to win the game at the end of my turn. I suspect the end would have come anyway but it would have taken a few more turns and with a lot more casualties on both sides, but that was the end of the game played. You can see the end positions below.
G4 end game G4 left combatsSo that was another fun game. Below is the ‘historical’ write up and the forces after this game.

Period Style report

So here we go again for my ‘in period’ view of the events of early 1863…

‘Continued success in the field – Colonel Hector outmaneuvers the Federals’

We have just got news that another enemy incursion in to our beloved Confederate states has been thwarted and turned aside. The Federals were moving again towards Virginia but General Lee took their aggressiveness and played it against the shopkeepers of the North. He order units to retire from their advance while moving around them and turned the flank of the Federals, meaning that they had once more no choice other than to retreat back to their starting points. Thus again our great Southern stock have thwarted the the black republican’s in their tracks.

The flanking move was lead by Lieutenant Colonel Hector who with his growing expertise in Cavalry operations. he moved around the flank of the Union forces while they moved forward. This attack was not up to the usual vigor we have seen from our forces though and although the Federal forces did in the end retreat this was more because of them being put in a bad position than by the point of a bayonet.  The Colonel’s cavalry forces were backed up by effective infantry maneuvers which put the Federal forces on a back foot. This gave the Northerners a break though and they moves back to their starting points blooded but not destroyed, This author expects to see these forces again move towards the capital, so although a success this is far from the victory that we need in this bitter conflict.

General Lee appreciated the wok on the Colonel and promoted him for the actions in the field that day. This means that Hector is now a promoted to a General and this paper thinks that this is a well deserved reward for such a hero of our great state who has been fighting tirelessness for our rights. We expect to see continued success from such hero’s of the south against future Northern aggression.

Campaign section

So here are the standing at present and the changes to our forces. As mentioned, I did the cavalry column wrong so I took no EP’s for winning this game nor for capturing that objective. It seems only fair on that score. It is hard to change the other items but at least that does not effect the campaign that much.

Colonel Hector Archibald – 5 eagles, 26 EPConf game 4Total: 40 shattered at 20

The changes that were made to my force were:

  • The commander got promoted to 5 eagles
  • The 2nd Alabama cavalry become Old Reliables
  • 24th Georgia become vets
  • The 2nd Alabama Infantry become eager
  • The 14th Georgia Infantry got 3 recruits
  • The 2nd Alabama cavalry add 1 base of recruits
  • 2 bases added to the 2nd Alabama Infantry

As the force is below minimum size, an additional unit of 6 bases of Infantry is assigned to the force.

Colonel Ambrose Burnside – 3 eagles, 16 EP’sunion post 4Total : 52 – shattered at 26

The changes that were made to Ernie’s force were:

  • A new unit of 3 Napoleon armed artillery unit
  • Transferred in a new 6 base infantry of Seasoned Vets
  • A new unit of 2 light rifles
  • Add more light rifle to the existing unit
  • Add 1 base to the 2nd Rhode island
  • Add a hero to one unit

As the force was understrength another unit was transferred into the group… Just what I needed, even more Union troops to fight.

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