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Jack Tars to fight the pirates

As you have seen I’ve been busy with the pirate crews. But those are not the only figures in the Blue Moon range. They have a set of navy sailors as well – the Jack Tars. Sometime the British sailors … Continue reading

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Green pirate crew

This is my third of my ‘pirate crews’. Again you can see the colour theme for these guys, which is green this time. This gives me another set of pirates for play, either as another faction or as a different … Continue reading

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Another quick Cryx diversion

Very early on when doing this blog (now a few years ago) I had a little diversion and dipped a toe into Warmachine figure painting. After that I never really have looked at that rules set much again other than … Continue reading

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Red pirate crew

So here are the second pirate crew that I have painted up in 18mm. Again, all the figures are from Old Glory/Blue moon miniatures. Some of the detail pictures were taken before the basing was completed, but you can see … Continue reading

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Longstreet campaign game 5 – Unfinished railroad battle

Well another game is in the bag for our Longstreet game, this the middle one in 1863. Time was tight towards the end of the game but we managed to finish. This did affect  the quality of pictures towards the … Continue reading

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Blue pirate crew

I have fancied playing pirate games for a long time but never really got on with that. A few years ago I bought the Old Glory created ‘Bluemoon’ 18mm pirate range of figs when they first came out. I had … Continue reading

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