Red pirate crew

So here are the second pirate crew that I have painted up in 18mm. Again, all the figures are from Old Glory/Blue moon miniatures. Some of the detail pictures were taken before the basing was completed, but you can see the full crew with the final bases below.Red pirate crewAs you can see the basing I have decided upon on for this collection figures has tried to make them look beach like they are on a beach. I took the comments I got but decided the standard sand would not be quite what I was after, so tried this. Below is a shot of a few of the crew with the finished bases. At the very bottom of this post I have added a shot of the blue pirates now with their bases done in the same way. Red crew bases So here are the detail shots of the red crew. Of course this was before the bases were finished but after they were varnished. First the commanders, who will lead the faction on the pirate command - front red pirate command - backThen we have the crew – a scurvy bunch I would say, but they should do the work for crew. I have 16 of these guys all painted up and ready to pirates crew 1 red pirates crew 1 - backHere are more of the crew. I do like the guy with a cutlass and a bottle – very in character/period. You can see the red theme clearly which should make them easy to differentiate on the crew 2 red crew 2 -backWhat is nice is again there is no duplication in poses/models within the gang, which is really nice. I can’t even say that for many of the 20+ model gang games which I have from GW etc so that’s quite impressive really. I do like these models and they paint up crew 3 red crew 3 - backThis is the final lot of the red crew. I did one in the ‘pink’ shirt – just to be different. With the finishing of the bases I also added a thin magnet to the base of each model to help them in storage and transport, as I’ll use a metal toolkit for crew 4 red crew 2 -backOh and as mentioned above, the blue pirates from a couple of posts ago now have their bases done in the same way now…blue pirates with bases finished Still trying to figure out what rules to use these with but that’s a minor point in the scheme of things.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Red pirate crew

  1. cptshandy says:

    Great paint job, especially the striped trousers! For rules, you might want to have a look at Flashing Steel by Ganesha Games, it’s what we use – they always give fast & fun games!

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