Another quick Cryx diversion

Very early on when doing this blog (now a few years ago) I had a little diversion and dipped a toe into Warmachine figure painting. After that I never really have looked at that rules set much again other than to play a single game, which was again put on this blog. However, I have over the last couple of years had chance to pick up some more of the figures, second hand. I really do like the figs for the game. So, when looking at these while tidying up around my painting table the other day I thought I should at least start to do something with them! Thus, below are the most painted  Cryx figs from the used figs I have acquired over the last couple of years or so. I decided I would work on these and do them up so I could use them. Fist we have the ‘before’ picture.Cryx-before (800x477)These are not badly painted really, but chipped and not well finished off. Rather than strip them completely and start from scratch I thought I’d try to ‘touch them up’ and repaint as required, then varnish them. I know for the perfections and great painters out there that’s sacrilege, but I’m not that proud and this is a great way to make these mine without spending a long time on them. Most of the paint was not that bad a choice of colours for my existing Cryx models so does somewhat match my scheme. It’s just needed TLC and adding a reasonable amount of detail/varnish. A big advantage to me for this was that the paint was not put on heavy so all the details were still visible and usable. Below is the end result – the after.touched up CryxAfter working on the basing and doing some major detail work on some of the figures I now have another 4 machines I can add to my Cryx collection. Here is the big nasty warjack. After taking the photo’s I can see that I need to go over the black of the base to tidy them up, which I missed. Oh well I’m not retaking the photo’s. <sigh>Big cryx 1 big Cryx2 Big cryx 3I’m really not that knowledgeable as to whether these will be a good addition to my force but I do like the figs and that’s the main thing for me! It was nice to just spend a little time to finish more of these models – although I have a lot more Cryx to paint up as well. IMG_2062 (800x398) IMG_2065 (791x800)To show you how well these match now can see the old and the new together below. I think they combine really nicely  especially as they are not meant to be clones etc.Old and New Cryx modelsSo next I really should focus on getting some other units painted for this force.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Another quick Cryx diversion

  1. The little guys extend the range of your spell; most of your warcasters will make good use of them. The big guy is a glass cannon, but hits like a ton of bricks; I’ve always been partial to them.


  2. Argentbadger says:

    Good painting. Seeing the before-and-after shots is really interesting.

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