Green pirate crew

This is my third of my ‘pirate crews’. Again you can see the colour theme for these guys, which is green this time. This gives me another set of pirates for play, either as another faction or as a different quality/group in a game.Green piratesThese all have the same basing as the previous lot, which is generic but different enough from other things I have done to make these clear as pirates. So below you can see the individual figures. These are the captains and leaders of the green faction. I especially like he guy with his foot on the treasure chest.Green captains front green captains backThen we have the crew. As the third crew there are a few less than the other ones, but these will do for crew 1 front green crew 1 backAgain I have to say I really like the variety of poses in the Blue Moon range, for 15/18mm figs that is very nice. The dynamic action figure with two pistols is a fun figure as crew 2 front green crew 2 backI have tried to make the figures look dirty. I doubt any of the people in real life were that clean. Some of these figures came out really nicely, others not quite so great but they all look ok for games. I still struggle with whites and getting skin tone to the level I like. Some have come out better than crew 3 front green crew 3 backHere is the final set of figures for the crew crew. I like the way the pirate with the eye patch, wooden leg  and parrot has come out. It’s a very characterful pose for a 15mm fig. green crew characters front green crew characters backSo there we are. The 19 figs in this crew should make for another faction for any games that we play with these. I missed posting these on ‘talk like a pirate day’ but heck it’s close.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. A pack of disreputable miscreants.

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